pieclown: Another Bowl of Alphabet Soup

I was up thinking last night–something just didn’t seem quite right with [pieclown’s alphabet][1]. It just irked me until I finally found it. It was [her comment][2] about what she was going to do:

> It is a pink swim suite with white hose. Pictures will be taken in front of a black backdrop.

So how did she look in white hose? I have no idea. That wasn’t what she took pictures of. So she is going to do another alphabet.

pieclown, your punishment is to get dressed up and create a me another set of [alphabet fitness][4] letters and numbers (0 through 9)

* The pictures must be taken against a solid color backdrop
* You must be wearing the same dress or blouse/skirt combo in all of them
* Using inanimate objects to make portions of the letters or numbers is forbidden
* All of the characters must be sufficiently distinguishable
* Pictures may be cropped, but will otherwise be used as is.
* You will be properly corseted, plugged, packaged and gagged. (It is your judgement what is considered proper, but you do not want to skimp in this area or you will be doing this again.)
* You will be wearing properly sized (aka LARGE) breast forms. (Foam balls? I don’t think so. You need something with heft that will move around with you.)

Your punishment pictures are due to me by June 29th. Hop to it.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/06/pieclown_alphabet_soup_assignment_results
[2]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/06/pieclown_alphabet_soup#comment-354
[4]: http://www.alphabetfitness.org/


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With Myckie Jo in rabbit ears and this “Hop to it” quote, Mistress Amber has bunnies on the mind.

OK, done. Now for those that did the quick read, you may have thought this was semi hard. NO. The one thing that made this over the top was the required for
“dress or blouse/skirt combo”

The dress or skirt would cover the legs and this would make it hard to make the letter/numbers. Other was the large water balloons, with me bent over for some items, the forms wanted to come out.

Of course the other requirements did it not make it easy.

I was trying to say that this challenge or the first Alphabet Soup were easy.
I only wish to add a good comment on my experince.
It was a challenge to come up with the ideas for the different letters and then you add the numbers for this one.
Then you had me do the “corseted, plugged, packaged and gagged”
and large forms. I did not think it would be easy. I have done some easy assignments, and is was not one.
This was not as bad as doing writing, but each punishment or assignment has it’s own degree of difficulty.

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