Really Big

As a part of my punishment week, Mistress Amber forced me to take some pictures of me with my really big breasts:

![Really Big](

She also had me make a movie of me [morphing from very small to very large breasts][1]. Please post a comment on the transformation if you download the movie.



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Sorry you got in so much trouble before. I’ve been eagerly anticipating looking at your morphing transformation, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Those breasts look soo enormous, how can you do anything without them getting in the way? And the stress on your back and shoulders! It’s got to hurt!

Well I guess thats why girls go in for breast reductions!

Those are the perfect size! why would you ever want to be smaller? It’s only natural for men to suffer for titties.

I think the breasts are just about right – perhaps a little small. However, they’re definately not heavy enough. Might I recommend filling the balloons or beachballs with water and wearing them at least 5 hours…..

Please display pictures to display the results.

huge_bras, I just posted some new pictures of Stacee Skye with even larger breasts, though these also were air filled.

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