When I got back from Wal-Mart, Mistress Amber took one look at me and stormed out. A bit later I got this message from her,

> Stacee Skye,
> If you’re not smart enough to leave the clothespins on until I tell you to remove them, then you’re probably not smart enough to figure out why I left. I’m considering canceling the entire punishment week.
> If you’re ready for a reconciliation, then get dressed for bed. Then post this email on your weblog along with a picture of you gagged and blindfolded. Then wait like this.
> I’ll be by to either tuck you in to bed or drop off the keys.
> Mistress Amber

And so I wait.

![Ready for Bed](

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It looks to me like you got off way too easy for disobeying Mistress. I’m surprised she didn’t order you to clip your arms and legs together behind you, and have you wait in a kneeling position.

And of course you should have 2 clothespins on each nipple now as well!

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