After being dressed and bound as soon as I arrived home from work, there are man things I am thankful for with regard to my “standing on the porch” punishment by [The Ladies of The Institute][1] this evening.

* They did not paddle me for my other mistakes.
* I was not required to sit down.
* I was allowed to wear a long coat.
* They did not plug me up.
* No pictures were taken.
* I was not bound with the figure eight stretcher.
* My 5″ heels were not locked on.
* A second rubber corset was not used.
* The larger breast forms were not used.
* The posture collar was not used.
* The largest breast forms were not used.
* My neighbors were not outside.
* It as dark outside.
* My wrists were not locked together.
* My ankles were not chained together.
* I will be allowed to remove the two clothespins on each nipple after one hour
* The rest of my punishment will be short.


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