Stacee Skye: Mistress Flies Solo

We would like to extend out best wishes to Mistress M as she flies solo on her upcoming training of Stacee Skye. We would like to say that we have the inside track on what she has planned, but we are as much in the dark as he is. From what we have been told, Stacee is up for a long and very painful session this coming Saturday. We understand that she has told him that

* He will be doing another session of Maid training.
* He should be familiar with the yoga position [Front Facing Dog][ffd].
* He should hope for warmer weather since he may spend a good portion of the training naked.
* Training is to start early on Saturday–before noon. Most of his other training sessions have not started until the early evening, but she doesn’t want to run out of time.
* Pictures will be posted. He will either be punished until he posts them, or she will find somewhere to post them.
* If it all goes as planned, he will not be able to sit down for a week.

If you are reading this, please take a few minutes to post a comment and wish her luck with this training. Also, let us know if you have any ideas for particular pictures you would like to see, so we can try to work them in.



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Good luck to Mistress M! i wish Her the best. Stacee Skye should be punished severely for even the smallest infraction during training. It’s best for the development of a good maid. i would like to see a punishment involving mummification with saran wrap and toothpicks on various places. This will teach the maid to be still when ordered. Believe me, this maid knows!

Love and Kisses!
maid jenna

good mistress for saturday i wish that every thing goes good a slave that admire you. sallou


With this being in the past, this idea if for future punishments. May be doing the yoga position with a paddle resting on her tush. This would make a nice photo or have her walk on all 4, with the paddle balanced on her.

a dog training , naked with a a collar , dogfood in a Bowl for dog…That’s an excellent idea MISTRESS

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