Stacy Skye: A Weekend Shave

Mistress M has a training weekend planned for her husband ([Stacee Skye][]) this weekend. I don’t know the full extent of the training schedule, but I do know that it is supposed to involve shaving below the waist. (Of course, depending on behavior, M might just skip the shaving and use wax instead.)

I have suggested that she have a photo session of him all prettified up doing his maid tasks. The point not necessarily to do the tasks or be punished for not doing them well, but to have the pictures taken. His cuffs should be clipped together for some of the pictures. He should be gagged for some of them. Possible tasks to take pictures of include:

* Scrubbing the floor
* Scrubbing the sink
* Scrubbing the toilet
* Mopping the floor
* Sweeping the floor
* Using the vacuum cleaner
* Dusting
* Washing dishes

If you have any specific pictures that you would like posted, be sure to let me know and I will pass the word on to Mistress M.

[Stacee Skye]:


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I don’t know where “Mistress” Amber gets off thinking that she can get me shaved this weekend, but that is so far over the top that there is no way that M will go through with it. I should know.

There is no way that I am letting her get anywhere close to me with a razor this weekend.

Oh, dear. How sweet. He thinks he has a choice. One would think he’d know better by now.

Shaving is really no real big deal … unless you normally go around naked, no one will ever know, escept the interested parties here.

I would also love to see her doing her chores with her pretty panties, stockings and garter belt showing, as well of some with her bent over showing some of that wonderful clevage!

brenda lee

Shaving is no big deal and no one will ever know? I guess that’s true as long as I don’t plan on wearing shorts at all.

And it gets even better–she’s no longer talking about shaving. Now it’s all about waxing. she’s planning on tying me down and waxing my legs and that is no big deal?

I’ll have some of whatever you’re having.

well they dont call it FORCED feminization for NOTHING now do they?
possibly the proper way to do this task it without any foreshadowing of events to come. You sound like you have some second thoughts? Well, sorry but its Mistresses way Period. If She wants to wax you, you’re getting waxed. I’ve had my back and shoulders waxed before, yes its painful but the pain disipates quickly and the smoothness is awesome… it lasts for about two weeks or 3 weeks.
I have never had my legs waxed or shaved but I emagine that I would if Mistress expressed interest…. and about you wearing shorts? you should be in a short skirt, you’d look better with silky smooth legs. (no nylons for one)
Now waxing the groin area is not recommended, I have even gone on record saying that if you shave the groin area, just flat out keep shaving it for the rest of your natural life. That is the most painful experience letting the pubic hair grow back in… it hurts terribly.
But yes, do try the legs.. have Mistress take you to a public salon durring business hours for extra humiliation, have Mistress do all the talking for you, since you’ll have no say anyway, you may be gagged and on a tight leash at Her request. There are salons that offer the full package, a body wax, manicure, peticure, shampoo, condition and rinse and a perm too. Spend some time under the hair drier. Your finger and toenails painted may be part of the package.

    I am glad that Mistress Amber hasn’t been able to convince Mistress M to try this again. The first time wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been, but the hair did take a long time to grow back in. And the re-growth after she shaved the bikini line was definitely no fun. If she ever wanted to try this again, Mistree M would have to spring a surprise attack–and I’ll be watching.

I one time check in to some waxing, but the funds were not there. I was going to set it up saying I lost a dare.

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