Telling the Truth

Well, I guess that when [Stacee Skye][] said that she needed to use the bathroom, she wasn’t kidding. She just dropped a huge load in her diaper. Assuming she doesn’t do anything to extend her punishment, I’ll let her remove her diaper and wash it after having it on for a total of 45 minutes. (I still have no interest in changing her diaper.) It didn’t take her nearly as long as I thought it would for her to fill it, so she won’t get to spend as much time in a messy one as I had hoped.

In the mean time, she’ll be working on building that paddling machine that I designed, so she can get a good paddling for messing her diaper.


She did manage to get a paddling machine built, but it took her 10 minutes longer than she was to spend in her messy diaper, so I am sending her out for a cigarette with only her diaper (and cuffs) on below the waist before I let her change. She should be happy that I at least let her put on a coat over her oversized breasts. Hopefully the neighbors have gone to bed. If not, they’ll get an eyeful of sissy baby [Stacee Skye][].

[Stacee Skye]:


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I have not seen where you described the spanking machine. May I get how it was made? Does she just bend over or had to lean over a table. With her just bending over in large forms she may have problems with standing after each swat or with her leaning over a table, that would add pressure to her large forms.

The paddling machine that Mistress Amber designed, according to her estimation, was quite a disappointment. It consisted of a long arm that was hinged at the floor, pulled up by a pulley and then dropped onto me while laying on the ground. There wasn’t much velocity behind the stroke and it couldn’t hit the same place twice.

In the end, I wasn’t sore and Mistress Amber was sorely disappointed.

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