Stacy Skye: Remember Where You Put It

When [Stacee Skye][] got home tonight, I was waiting for her. I wasn’t sure what, if any punishment, she deserved tonight, so I just asked her to get dressed and sit quietly and wait for me to decide. I figured I would leave her there for half hour or so and then free her so she could have a night off of training. Life is never that easy.

She couldn’t remember where she put the items I specified. So now I am sitting here trying to come up with a proper punishment for her so she will remember to keep track of where she puts things. She eventually did find them, so besides what I had planned, I also had her get dressed in the worst current fashions that I could find.

![Just Fugly](

Her direction in this pose was to give the tackiest “sexy” pose she could while wearing:

* Some bright orange PJs
* As a dress over pants
* That have some funky silver snaps down the leg

So now, she is sitting out on the deck, trying to avoid the neighbors, and taking dictation to finish this weblog entry. As soon as she posts it, and I come up with a suitable punishment for her, I will let her back in. I’m not in much hurry.

So, how does she look?

[Stacee Skye]:

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