Only Crackle and Pop

Last Christmas Day I wrote to [Pieclown][], “Due to a medical issue that I am again dealing with, responses and assignment gradings will likely be delayed” and I didn’t make [my next post][1] till the end of January. I am not planning to have as much of a work stoppage this year, but as the season rolls around I am again fighting a bout with depression.

So I am writing a few posts early, so if I can’t get to them later, it won’t be as noticeable.

And I am trying not to snap.



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I am hoping that Mistress Amber is doing well with her depression. This year and all the time.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. I do hope Mistress Amber Shummer is well.

Thank You pieclown and I too wish everyone the best in the coming year.

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