pieclown: Dream or ? – Part 2

[Pieclown](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown) turned to look at the door. It was the desk clerk, the woman, who had hit him with a pie in the face. Julie stood there with a scared little smile. [Mistress Amber](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/amber_shummer) spoke “Pieclown, this is Julie, oh right you two have already met. Julie has been in contact with me. She is interested in becoming a mistress for
[The Institute](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/) I have been instructing for a short time. Today she will get some hands on training. Since she is not quite a mistress, you will refer to her as Miss Julie. Pieclown stand up and say hello.” Pieclown stood up, turned, and said “Hello, Miss Julie”. Miss Julie took a step in, but Mistress Amber held up her hand. “Pieclown are you going to welcome her in or should she leave?” asked Mistress Amber.

Pieclown was not sure what Mistress Amber was saying at first. Then she knew what was going on. Pieclown had to give permission for Miss Julie to join them. She thought for a second. If Miss Julie were to be here, then maybe Mistress Amber would not be so hard on her. “Miss Julie, please come in if you wish,” said pieclown with a curtsy.

“Very good pieclown. Now remember Miss Julie, I am the one in charge,” said Mistress Amber. “Yes mistress,” came from Miss Julie as she entered the room.
“So Miss Julie what do make of our sissy clown,” ask Mistress Amber.
“I see he have changed his clothes, but not washed his face,” was her reply.
“Miss Julie, the clients of the Institute are referred to as she.” Mistress said as she took a notepad and started to take count. “So you have a messy client, what should be done about it?”
“ I would say have him, I mean her wash up,” was Miss Julie’s response. “Yes, that would be a good start, now pieclown, since you have your swimsuit on, we can march you down to the pool and toss you in or you can get in the shower and Miss Julie will hose you off.” Pieclown looked back at Mistress Amber and what she had just said put fear in her eyes and said, “I will take the shower, Mistress.”

The 3 moved to bathroom where pieclown stepped into the shower. Mistress Amber handed the showerhead, which was attached to a hose, to Miss Julie as she went to turn on the water. “Are you ready?” ask Mistress Amber. Miss Julie said yes and the water was turned on. Ice cold water blasted out of the hose and the two women smiled and giggled as pieclown danced around in the shower. Miss Julie made sure that all the pie was washed off, not just from the face, but from the whole body. Chest, belly, legs, back, and of course bikini area, front and back, were the target of the ice assault “That is enough” said Mistress Amber as she turned off the water. “Turn around pieclown and show us how clean you are.”

Pieclown slowly turned around so the ladies could see their handy work. There was something was not right. Pieclown had been moving about so much in the shower, that the large butt plug had worked it self free. Now in the back of her swimsuit there was a large bulge. “Take that plug out of your suit,” ordered Mistress Amber. Pieclown complied and placed it on the counter where Mistress Amber was pointing. “You are so lucky that Miss Julie is in charge or you might not like where I would stick that thing.’

“So Miss Julie, what do you see,” ask Mistress Amber? “I guy in woman swimsuit.” was Miss Julie’s reply. Mistress Amber shook her head no, and pulled out the note pad. “Oh, she is in a woman’s swimsuit.” But this answer only got another shake of Mistress Amber’s head. “Think just the basics,” came as a response.


Miss Julie looked at pieclown. She was standing there shivering from the cold water. “Oh she cold” “AND” “and uh, OH WET!” Mistress Amber finally smiled “Yes she is wet and what do we do with clients who wet themselves?” “Put them in a diaper” was the quick response from Miss Julie. She went to the towels and folded one up in to the form of a diaper. Next Miss Julie directed pieclown back in to the main room. She then ordered pieclown to strip out to the wet clothes and lay on the bed.

“Eww, I not going to diaper that. Why is her butt shaved and the front not. I think it needs to be smooth, front and back,” came from Miss Julie. She looked to Mistress Amber with a nod of approval. “Get in there and shave that thing.” Miss Julie ordered pieclown. Pieclown returned to the bathroom and did as instructed.


She returned to the bedroom where the ladies were waiting. Miss Julie did not say a word, but just pointed to the diaper on the bed. Pieclown lay down and Miss Julie wrapped up the freshly shaved pieclown in a diaper. After the pins were in place, pieclown was ordered to stand up and show off her new diaper. As she did, the diaper slipped off. Mistress Amber just nodded to Miss Julie as she wrote on her pad. “Get back over here” was Miss Julie’s command. Pieclown picked up the diaper and returned to the bed. Miss Julie again fasten the pins on the towel, as before when pieclown got up to show the handy work of Miss Julie, the diaper fell off. Miss Julie let out a grunt of frustration and grabbed the diaper at pieclown’s feet. Pieclown lay down for the third time, but as Miss Julie was applying the pins, she stuck pieclown. “Ouch” came from now diapered pieclown.

This time as pieclown walked around, the diaper stayed in place. “Now that is a proper baby,” said Miss Julie. Mistress Amber did not look up from her notepad and said, “Are babies not powdered and oiled before the diaper is placed on.” Pieclown did not even wait for Miss Julie to respond, she just went and lay back down on the bed. Miss Julie opened the diaper and then applied oil and powder to the freshly shave parts of pieclown. This brought a slight smile to her lips, as the diaper was refasten.


Pieclown got up and walk around with the diaper staying on, Mistress Amber spoke. “Well someone has made a couple of errors so far today, and I feel it is time that person be punished with a paddling. Miss Julie do you think 2 or 3 strokes per error, with the paddle would do?” Miss Julie looked at pieclown glee in her eyes. “Oh I think 3 would be best.” “Very well Miss Julie, pick out your paddle.”

Pieclown watched and Miss Julie looked over the paddles that lay off to the side. She finally chose one that was not to heavy, but still looked like it could hand out some pain.

“Yes that is a nice paddle, come here pieclown. What do you think of this paddle?” Pieclown walk over slowly and took the paddle extended out to her. “Yes, Mistress, this is a nice paddle.” Miss Julie smiled at the way pieclown was shaking, but that stopped at Mistress Amber’s next order. “Very well, bend over Julie. Pieclown you are to give Julie 25 strokes with that paddle.” Pieclown looked shock, but Miss Julie spoke “I am getting paddled? Why?” Mistress Amber turned to the mistress in training and said, “You have made several errors day. You have called pieclown a “his” or “he”. You failed to put on the diaper properly and you stuck her with the safety pins. Remember, when you came in, I told you I am the one in charge. Now have you ever been paddled or spanked before,” said Mistress Amber. Miss Julie now with her eyes on the floor, said “Yes mistress, a few times, but nothing hard”

“Very well, pieclown take note of this as in how hard you are to use that paddle. I will be watching.” Pieclown knew that she had better keep the swats mild to medium from what Mistress Amber was saying. “Ok Julie bend over this desk and count the stokes.”

Miss Julie bent over the desk and pieclown move in to place. She looked at Mistress Amber who said begin. Pieclown let the paddle drop on one cheek. “One” came from the other end. “Two” as the other cheek was struck. This went on for the first 10 blows. One cheek then the other cheek receiving the swat from the paddle. “OH, eleven” came from Miss Julie as the paddle landed across both cheeks. The strikes were now a little harder from the diaper wearing pieclown. The final five were now making a nice crack as the paddle came down on the rear of the Miss Julie. Pieclown was thinking this has to be a dream come true. She was enjoying herself very much. Mistress Amber took note of this.

“Very well, stand up my dear. Pieclown, I think someone has gotten rather hot with that spanking. Here take this bucket and get me some ice.” Pieclown took the bucket with a smile on her face, but then stopped. “oh, Mistress Amber, I am to go out like this?” “Oh you’re right, you need shoes.” Mistress Amber went to on of pieclown’s boxes and pulled out some high heel shoes and tossed them to pieclown. She placed them on her feet and then looked at Mistress Amber as she moved to the door. “Wait, I forgot something,” said Mistress Amber as she moved to pieclown holding a robe. But instead of handing pieclown the robe, Mistress Amber reached out and pulled of the breast forms on pieclown’s chest. “You know I don’t like the small forms, now move.” Pieclown open the door and peeked down the hall. No one was there. She moved as fast as she could in her high heels and diaper.

Returning with the ice, pieclown found the door locked. She knocked, finally Mistress answered from inside. She required pieclown to state what she had on before Mistress Amber opened the door.

Mistress Amber took the ice bucket and walked over to Miss Julie. Pieclown followed. “As I said, I think someone got a little hot from that paddling” Mistress Amber said. And with out warning, she reached over and pulled out the front of pieclown diaper and poured the ice down the front of the diaper. “Now I will tell you how things are going to be. For every mistake Miss Julie makes, she will take 3 swats from the paddle. But for every swat you give Miss Julie, she will give you two. That means 50 for you pieclown, bend over.”


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I think pieclown needs an enema treatment with diaper for the mistakes she has made.

I think Mistress Julie will listen the next time

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