Embarrassment at the Bar

sissy billy sent me this quick story about how she was almost humilated at a bar during her [current punishment][1]:

> Several of us sat for dinner in a corner of the restaurant and I was the first to sit and found a place in the corner thinking I would be less exposed. The women quickly surrounded me as they usually do. I think they all have a protective spot in their heart for me the past few years. One of the girls is a lot younger then I and she had her new boyfriend in tow. My best friend’s wife who is the most protective sat next to me and the single woman (a good friend of my wife) and is my age sat on the other side of me. I do enjoy how protective they are and it does give me a feeling of being included. My thoughts went back to one of your statements in my wedding punishment about what they would think about having a sissy among them. I was inwardly embarrassed, but also wondered the same thing.
> Well – the embarrassing moment came towards the end of the night. I was kind of trapped in the corner and had just got my check when I lost control and started to urinate in my diaper. I could not stop it and it felt like I soaked it. I put my hand in my lap and the whole front of pants was wet. I sat there frozen as everyone else continued to talk. I was afraid to move and as they all got up to leave I tried to hide myself as best as I could and get out of there. I don’t think anyone noticed as I had to give the mandatory kisses and hugs (No close hugs this night) to the women and handshakes with the men. When I got home and could look in the mirror it did not look as bad as it felt. I had dark pants on and you could hardly notice the dark spot. Lesson to be learned is not to wear light pants with my diaper.

I asked her why her plastic panties (which I required her to wear) didn’t take care of this issue. Apparently she misunderstood the rule (“Both cloth and disposable are fine, but the plastic cover must be worn over them.”) and didn’t wear them. Since the doesn’t want to wear the panties, maybe she should get some more absorbent diapers. [This brand][2] holds over four liters of liquid (depending on the size). I could have her pour a gallon of water down her panties before going out and she still wouldn’t overflow. I will keep that in mind.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/05/a_very_smooth_move
[2]: http://kckmedical.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=27186


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Mistress Amber is correct. I misunderstood the rule, but must confess that I also interpreted the rule in a manner that I would have to wear the rubber cover only at home because they are much more bulky and potentially visible that I could take it off and wear pantyhose when I went out. I was wrong and the consequences were that I was almost discovered as a diaper wearing sissy by all my friends. It was terribly humiliating, but I was lucky. I have apologized to Mistress Amber for not following her directions with all she intended the rules to say and if I had I would have not leaked. I will follow Mistress Amber’s helpfull link above and buy more absorbend diapers. I am still relatively new at all this and will appreciate any help or suggestions from everyone willing to help. sissy billy

As someones who’s been out and about, i know what you mean. the diapers i wore to the mall once leaked when i let a little bit of pee (ugh, damn thin depends) and then i was stuck, with all my money spent on movies, diapers and some super hero books, and no new cltohes.
Unlike the dark pants, i was wearing grey sweatpants (was totally nervous about diaper budgle) which did nothing to hint.
I ended up using what i had left, and broght a drink which i used to spill over my shirt and pants, to play off the pee.

This sounds almost exactly what happened to me not long ago. I had the wet spot and everything but I did have to explain it. I know first hand at how embarrassing this is.

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