The Actual Wedding Punishment – Letter of Apology

I finally got home (It was a long drive and my hangover still had not got any better – even with anacin) and started my next punishment. I am to write a letter of apology to Mistress Amber for being a naughty sissy unable to follow simple instructions and for causing her a lot of extra work. I went to my bedroom and took off all of my clothes and first had to change my diaper. I had managed to wet it on the drive home. With the penis plug in my mouth, I performed one of the pleasant duties of this punishment and milked my sissy clitty into a new diaper. I then put on my 4XL rubber diaper cover, a big bra stuffed with ballons on the verge of exploding just like Mistress Amber has said she so likes in many of the comments made to this site and my new teal jumper to package it all together. I then put on my collar, ankle and wrist cuffs locked together and with a penis plug in my mouth crawled to my desk to write my letter to Mistress Amber. I was not allowed to stand, but with the ankle and wrist cuffs locked together, all I could do was crawl like a sissy baby should. I climbed into my desk chair and began to write my apology.
This was not a quick letter as I was to first compose a draft and then rewrite it in good handwriting so everyone could read it. It was also very difficult, because with my wrists locked together, I had to constantly pick both up and re-position them on the paper so I could write neatly.
Mistress Amber does think of little things to add to each punishment. The penis gag in my mouth was gagging me and I almost threw up several times with my upset stomach. I wanted to write fast, but had to slow down so the letter could be readable. Below is me locked and gagged in my sissy baby diapering and also attached is my letter to Mistress Amber which I sincerely mean. I hope she can forgive me for all the additional work and effort I have caused her. If only I could be a better sissy.




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That sounds like a bad assignment. I like the thick diaper but writing with your hands tied together must have taken a long time to write that letter.

It was. It could have been worst if a big bar of Pink Camey soap had been stuffed in my mouth which did happen on other occassions.

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