The Actual Wedding Punishment – Saturday Night

I am home from my humiliating trip to the mall. It was a disaster as related in the previous post. It is now Saturday night and I am tired and humiliated and know I am already failing my overall assignment. I will continue in an effort to improve.
I am back in my diaper and my collar, ankle/wrist locks and I am nothing more then a sissy baby. I did have to change my diaper before getting back into my sissy baby wear. The good part of milking my sissy clitty is getting harder. I am not as young as I use to be and it took a long time to milk into my diaper. This is embarrassing as every other thing I have to do.
I am crawling around like a little baby. I am trying to start my posts, but am making little progress.
I have put the baby food low enough so that I could reach it and I have made myself a sissy baby meal. I am hungry, but this does not look good. Let me just say, that I now know why a baby spits out its baby food when you feed it to her. It tastes horrible and even though I was really hungry and did manage to shove it all down my throat, I could have thrown up several times. If I was allowed to fast, I would not be eating. The baby formula was also terrible. I did manage to water it down so I could at least get it down my throat.
I am so tired that I will be going to bed early, although I do not imagine that I will sleep well or much.
Good Night Mistress Amber, I will see you in the morning.



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