I have been given an assignment by Mistress Amber to discuss Chastity. This is a new condition for me in the past few months and I am learning to understand and deal with. I have not found it easy or pleasant, but I shall relate my experiences to-date. I would be interested in how others have dealt with it and what they feel about Chastity.

To better understand a topic, go back to its origins and history. The concept of Chastity and in particular the use of Chastity belts go back about five centuries. The reason for Chastity as a practice was to temperate sexual behavior of legitimately married spouses or sexual continence of the unmarried child. Since men in the dark ages held the absolute power (except for maybe a Queen – imagine having a Queen as a Mistress. Punishments were severe in those days), this was directed almost solely at women and girl children. I am sure it was reversed at times, though there is little mention of this. An early chastity belt did not look pleasant and if your Master went off to a pilgrimage it could be months.

A Chastity belt was a lockable device fitted over the vagina of a female to ensure fidelity of a wife or guard the chastity of a daughter.

In today’s world a Chastity belt is considered a sex toy. I guess it depends on ones perspective or situation. If you are the Mistress or the Master, it can be fun to have the power of complete dominance and control. If you are the subservient, you may not agree.

This is a sample of today’s chastity belt for a female slave. Girls, does this look like fun or not.

I certainly would not like to be female and be placed in Chastity by my Master. This can not be pleasant to have a plug in her rectum and a plug in her vagina. It must be uncomfortable to walk or move around, but on the other perhaps the vaginal plug may produce an orgasm or two in moving around. Any of you female slaves might be able to give a better opinion on this. While these may be called sex toys in today’s world, they really are a means of dominance and control for an obedient subservient sissy or slave. The sole purpose of a chastity as in old times is to temperate sexual behaviour and to maintain the sexual continence of a Master or Mistress’s subservient sissy or slave.

For you male sissies, the purpose is no different or less terrifying or less controlling. This is a picture of the sissy clitty cage Mistress Rosemarie purchased for my training and obedience.

I had started my application for training as a client in “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” when on my doorstep was a package ordered by Mistress Rosemarie and strongly suggested by Mistress Amber for my training enforcement. I had heard about a chastity restraint, but had never seen one. It looked terrifying to me. That night I was instructed to model it, take pictures and send to Mistress Amber for approval. I did not know how to use it and it hurt in putting it on. It was confining and pinched everything that was my sissy clitty. Mistress Rosemarie made me wear it the first night. I was afraid even to pee.

The fact that I was to wear this contraption as a training device that took control of my sissy clitty totally away from me was humiliating. I have read back through my responses to Mistress Amber and I am embarrassed by them. If I had only accepted the lost of control of my sissy clitty and accepted that this control belonged to my Mistresses I would have avoided a great amount of punishment training. My whining about how bad it was (it was and still is) just made matters worst.

I had to wear it to work. I was so afraid that some one would know that I was wearing it. Every time someone looked at me I felt humiliated as if they knew and were laughing at me. It also hurt to move around in. Mistress Amber’s comment did not help. I was told that sissies sometime had to wear their sissy clitty cage for months at a time. That did not make me happy. I wore it to work, I wore it at night and did not sleep, I wore it every time I had a desire to wear a pretty negligee and I wore it every time it fit a punishment that Mistress Amber devised. It did help me in curing my desire to touch myself. Good for Mistress, bad for sissy billy.

I complained about how it pulled my pubic hair. Mistress Amber helped me solve that problem. I shaved my sissy clitty. This was the first time I ever had to do this and it was humiliating. It did stop the pubic hair pulling.

Dealing with the mental side of my sissy clitty cage was by far the most difficult. It felt like old fashion armour hanging from my sissy clitty. In reality it was very light, but I could feel the weight between my legs. I was always self conscious when wearing it in public. It was well hidden by my pants, but I imagined a huge bulge that hung there for all to see.. I was constantly afraid of being discovered. I felt it always and each time I felt it my subservience was the first thing I thought of. It was humiliating. It did cure me somewhat of scratching my balls. Difficult to due with it on. Mistress Amber delights in referring to this as my battle of the bulge.

It has now been three months of training in how to wear my sissy clitty cage. I do better in putting it on and wearing it for extended periods of time. At the start of my last assignment I wore it for three days straight both at work and home and in public. I took it off and accepted part two A of my latest assignment for reasons other then the cage.

After three months the physical side of subservience and confinement in my sissy clitty cage is bearable. The mental side has not changed. It is still uncomfortable and clunky and wakes me up at night when I turn over and pulls my pubic hair, but the most difficult mental part of this, though, is that I have no control over my sissy clitty and I am constantly reminded of this humiliating aspect. Control belongs to my Mistresses and is always there as a containing punishment for when I am naughty. I still have a long way to go in mentally accepting this.

I accept that I need help and would appreciate others suggestions and comments on how to do better in wearing my sissy clitty cage.

sissy billy


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What an Awesome Dissertation on the origin and use of chastity for both male and female submissive. I do know that the chastity device is very ancient as i do enjoy history in all its forms. I often wonder what a she-male style belt would be like to wear for long term. I believe if i was sent a chastity i would endeavour to wear it as much as the Mistresses wished.

When i have been placed in a chastity device it gives me a feeling of total submission to my key holder. It is one of the best methods of showing who is in charge, and its not me.

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