Sissy Summer – sissy billy’s disobedience – 2009-July-15

Sissy Summer is an assignment for all clients during the Summer Season.

I have been very good at honoring and managing the assignment until this weekend. Because I had failed in a previous assignment, I have to wear a ladies thong unlike the the other clients. This past weekend I made a trip to visit my in-laws with a lot of people around. I was very good in wearing my thong during the days, but failed in my assignment at night. For modesty and not to expose myself, I removed my thong and wore boys boxer shorts to sleep in at night. (Normally I do not sleep in anything – but had to in another person’s home)

I confessed this to Mistress Amber and she quickly reminded me that I could simply have kept my thong on and put boxer shorts over the top of them. Nothing gets by Mistress Amber and I should have thought of this, but did not for several subconscious reasons.

Sorry pieclown, you told me how to do this in your comment on going to the therapist and I did not remember.

Mistress Amber is getting to know me too well and she knows the real reason is not modesty. She has directed me to give the real reasons for not wearing a thong.

The truth is that I really dislike wearing a ladies thong and I have become so use to taking it off at night and being comfortable, that I did not try to find a solution and I took the easy way out.
Ladies Thongs are not for boys. They do not fit a boy and are extremely uncomfortable. They ride up my crack and I am constantly reminded that I am wearing one. They also are not meant for someone my size. The largest size I could find is an X-Large which is definitely too small. The more comfortable ones in X Large are very expensive and the reasonable cost thongs are very lacy and scratch and itch. The larger sized thongs for Plus Sissy’s are made of cotton and Mistress Amber has told me that a sissy has not earned the right to wear comfortable Cotton. Attached is a photo of my thongs and one can imagine how this sissy is uncomfortable.


Mistress Amber, I am not using this as an excuse. You told me to be honest and I have. I was so close to completing this assignment 100% for the weekend and only failed at night. I am sorry and hope the consequences are not to bad.

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