Cheer Me Up Story Contest – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the [Cheer Me Up Story Contest][1] is due on next Sunday. If you have posting privileges, you are to only save a DRAFT. All of the stories will be published on Monday morning. All of the rules can be found in the [original post][1].

New clients: Since you have not been required to write the two previous episodes, you have an option: You may write (and illustrate) chapters one and two following the rules to wipe out any outstanding punishment that you have. (One chapter removes one punishment.) If you don’t have outstanding punishments, this can be used in the future, at my discretion. Do not take this lightly—this may be the easiest punishment you ever have.

Suspended Clients: If you are readmitted to The Institute, you will be required to catch up on all stories you missed. Therefore, you may wish to stay up to date at this time.


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I accept the challenge of writing a story and completing this assignment. I hope to be able to write as interesting a story as MIT Myckie Jo and pieclown have writen before. Both have set a high standard to be judged by. I also will try to catch up to both by writing and developing my story from the beginning and completing Chapters One and Two. Good Luck to All

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