sissy billy’s Willful Insolence

[sissy billy][] was right when she said “[I must learn to keep my mouth shut][1]”. After reading her new standing rules she wrote “I am currently dressed and am on my way to work and already late, but I will shave my legs over the weekend in preparation for wearing my pantyhose on Monday.” Umm, yeah. Rules can take effect whenever she wants them to.

Well how about this instead: when she gets home from work tonight, instead of shaving her legs in preparation for Monday, she will shave from her neck down. Once nice and smooth, she will lock on her sissy clitty prison. It can come off on Monday, when she is ready to return to work.

Is that better? Or do I need to be clearer?

[sissy billy]:


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I apologize for the way I worded my response on this additional Rule. It was not my intent to ignore this rule, I did accept it. It was not my intent to suggest that Rules could be put off or take affect when I wished.

I have shaved my legs as directed and will wear my sissy clitty prison when I am at home. I would like to discuss with you privately the additional directive of completely shaving my body and wearing my sissy clitty prison outside the house as these reasons are very personal.

Please a little relief to discuss this further in private. sissy billy

To My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg, Mistress Amber and all the Mistresses of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment. I have thought hard about how I have reacted to the instructions given to me in the past day. I can offer absolutely no excuses for my comments and I take full responsibility for my insolence.

I, without any conditions, except the original instruction to shave my legs to make my legs smoother and silkier for wearing of my pantyhose. I have already shaved my legs this morning. I will keep my legs shaved for as long as I wear my panties and pantyhose and only stop when when allowed to by my Mistresses.

In Hindsight, my responses were poor and unworthy of a sissy of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment. I was insolent and I accept full responsibility for this and the punishments it should entail.

I admit that I failed to immediately accept my added conditions, that I failed to fully explain my reasons and that I failed to simply explain my problem and ask permission to modify temporarily the conditions of my assignment.

Without asking for permission I did clearly ignore the simple instructions given by My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg. A sissy client has no rights or privileges of privacy unless given by the Mistresses. I will therefore explain my reasons admitting that they should not be deemed as excuses or reasons for disobeying, unless specifically given by My Mistresses.

First, I was late for work and could not shave my legs. I should have got out of bed earlier to read my emails and given myself time to obey a simple direction. I should have also asked permission. In either case I am wrong and take responsibility and accept the consequences of my failure.

My reason for not shaving my entire body is that in the next two months I will be going to Florida and warm weather. Mistress Rosemarie does not punish me in a physical manner (ie. spanking, bondage), but she takes great delight in humiliating me whenever the occasion arises. My entirely shaved body would expose me greatly. My legs, which normally do not have a lot of hair, would be less exposing. My avoidance of this total body shaving was a personal avoidance to avoid this humiliation. The proper way to approach this would have been to explain and request a modification. Asking for a Modification entails additional punishment if granted. I accept responsibility and the consequences for my failure in the failure. I have shaved my legs and do now ask for a modification of the rule and do accept the consequences for this request.

I also tried to avoid without adequate explanation for not immediately putting on my sissy-clitty cage. I am an avid golfer and it is my passion. I had planned on playing golf both Saturday and Sunday and the sissy-clitty cage would be difficult to wear under my pants. I tried once again to avoid this inconvenience and possible exposure for personal reasons. Again I did not ask for a modification or give a reason. I was at fault for this. I accept the consequences for my action.

My often repeated fault is speaking without thinking and I deserve punishment for this whenever it occurs. I must get better at this.

I will wear my sissy-clitty cage from this point forward throughout the weekend when I am in the house. I must confess, however, that this morning I did make love to my sissy clitty prior to going out, a fantasy that I will write in my Diary when I am finished with this response. I will wear my sissy-clitty cage fully understanding that this in not way satisfies the conditions originally stated and that I have failed in abiding by this condition.

My insolence in accepting my additional rules is completely unacceptable and the punishment given to me was completely justified.

My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg has been overly fair and kind in my training. My insolent actions do not deserve any leniency. In directions from her it is always explained, that if I feel that I am treated unfairly that I should notify the Mistresses. I would like to state that My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg’s treatment of me and my training has been professional and well done. I would like to express my gratitude for her efforts in my training. I do respect and thank you.

I admit my failures in my actions of the last two days and request from My Superior, Mistress Myckie Jo Katzenburg that I be punished for these failures. I will accept these punishments as a consequence for my failed efforts as a sissy of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment.

sincerely, sissy billy

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