pieclown:Dusting Off

When Mistress Katzenburg issued the assignment for Dusting Off The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment. I knew not to just post the photo from an [earlier assignment](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2008/03/pieclown_replication-2).


I would need a new picture.

I started with the foundation. I had on purple panties and a purple and pink bra. I added a body cincher and white panty hose. I added some new forms. These are large pink balls that have plastic strings on them. They were very hard getting into place.


I then tried on the old maid outfit, but it had a tear in it. So I tried a solid black dress.


This did not seem to me a true maid. I then tried the 2nd maid out fit and was able to get it on without ripping a hole in it.


These forms are truly very large.


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Hello pieclown

WOW is what comes to mind. You do look good for a maid. Super Voluptuous is what I think they call it. I hope your breast forms are not very heavy. You would need a vacuum cleaner (like a tripod) in front of you to keep you from falling forward.

If this competition comes down to a tiebreaker, I bet Mistress Katzenburg picks you. She does like big big breasted sissies.

May the best Maid win.

sissy billy

Hello pieclown: You also look lovely in your maids outfit. Also, your breasts seem to have blossomed. That is a serviceable maid outfit and you do seem ready for dusting.

You say you ripped a hole in your old maid’s outfit. Perhaps after your cleaning duties you should consider enrolling in a sewing class with a bunch of the local Ladies. I am sure they could show you how to sew your maid’s outfit and would enjoy having a sissy like you in their class. Only kidding, I personally would not subject you to that public humiliation.

Good luck in the contest. I would hire you as a maid.

Mistress Rosemarie

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