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For my second assignment Mistress has demanded that I write up some of my travels and experiences. Thinking about it, the only way I can do this is in chronological order. After all, that is the only order I know unless Mistress clicks her fingers. I’m sure that will work because as time has gone by, I have gradually got farther and farther out of Manchester. So first a picture of me in the Arndale shopping centre; the biggest in Manchester.

I now know shopping for clothes and make-up is one of the joys of life

To begin with, as you now know, I lived in hotels around the gay village. I came and went as a bloke but changed in the hotel. I was quite happy walking around the gay village, but only the gay village. There was an acceptance of me and I wasn’t the only transgendered person there. I discovered my favourite bar and my favourite night club. It was my playground.

Soon however I was determined to go out and about as Tricia in the real world. This would have initially been impossible by myself but by then I had met Tina and Penny. Penny dressed as a fourteen year old girl and had been going into town for a number of years so was hugely confident. So we went into the big City. At this early stage Tina and I were not very good and we received much hilarity and laughter but I enjoyed it. It felt right for me.

The next major challenge was to do it on my own. This took real courage as I wasn’t really passable. My early efforts are written up in my blog on pages:

The Sun Has Got Her Hat On

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Then I met two very close friends; Megan and Becky are lesbian lovers but the three of us get on like a house on fire. They suggested we went to the theatre and I agreed. This was another major hurdle because I needed to catch the tram to get there and Sindiy needed to behave herself in the theatre.

Whilst I was walking around Manchester I was a moving target. If I got into any trouble or received and major abuse I could just nip into a boutique and all would be fine. In the tram and in the theatre though I was trapped. I survived , thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was then able to travel on public transport. Since then I often spend time at Megan and Becky’s which requires me to get a tram there and back. It is quite natural to me and I have thus far never had a problem.

Having moved in with Tina, who lives about a mile and a half outside Central Manchester, my next challenge was to travel in mini-cabs and taxis. I could, and quite often do, walk in but that depends upon the height of my heels. If both of us are going in together we always take a cab and split the cost. We make quite a sight standing on the roadside trying to flag down taxis in our mini-skirts and heels on a Friday or Saturday night. We look like prostitutes and passing cars beep their horns and yell out lewd comments. I find it quite amusing but Tina isn’t so sure.

My next big journey was to Liverpool on the train. Liverpool is about fifty minutes away which meant I would be sitting next to somebody for a long period and be in the eyes of everybody in the carriage. I decided to buy a fashion magazine so I could put my head down if needed. In fact I loved the journey, seemed to pass ok, and had no need of my magazine. When I got close to Liverpool station I topped up my make-up and dabbed on some more perfume in front of everyone. I felt so girlie it was wonderful. When I got off the train though I had a problem. I need to wee and could see no other option than to use the Ladies. This was the first time I had done so outside of the village. I now use the Ladies whenever I am Tricia at all times.

Only a few weeks later I met Monica Anne, an American friend I met through email, in London. We arranged a trip for us both as she loved the English way of life. We arranged three days in London (for culture) followed by three days in Manchester (for sex). I had a few days preparing myself beforehand so ended up having fourteen days dressed.

In London I met some work colleagues who knew about me, booked into hotels, took the tube and other types of trains and taxis. We went to the theatre, pubs and restaurants and did the sights. The highlight was being taken around the Houses of Parliament in a frock. What fun! It was then I became aware that Tricia had broken free and there was no turning back. The Manchester trip was just as much fun though. You can read about it at:

I’m Just a Girl who Can’t Say No

So now I was really out and getting better and better in my feminine self. Obviously there were buses from the flat to town which I was confidant enough to catch but I still prefer walking because I love expressing myself.

I took other trips away. Tina drove us to Blackpool for a wet and windy weekend. Sadly I have no pictures of that, it was just too cold. I also went to Carlisle to see Hadrian’s Wall with Penny. The archaeologists seemed to take more interest in the trannies than the Wall.

Outside the Wall

So by now I had travelled by foot, taxi, tram, bus, car, tube and train but the ultimate way to travel must be aeroplane (although a cruise might prove interesting). At the start of November I flew out to Benidorm in Spain, I flew as Tricia and spent the week there as Tricia. Such a lot happened that I probably need to write it up separately; if Mistress allows. I got there and back in one piece (even though I paraded in my two piece swimsuit on many occasions) and had a great time.

But the best and most fun thing I have ever done was to enter a beauty pageant. I took it very seriously and booked a beautician who waxed me, plucked my eyebrows, painted acrylics on my fingernails and my toenails, attached false eyelashes and gave me a spray tan. Lilly is now my regular beautician and I visit her once a month.

We had a practice catwalk session where I wore my sash for the first time and I just loved strutting my stuff on stage in front of around a thousand people. The experience is shortly to go on the blog so look out for it; but for now look at us girls queuing up backstage. I am at the back in my dead gorge peach dress; don’t I look so girly?.

Girly Girl

I didn’t win because I forgot the golden rule of winning beauty contests; you have to sleep with the judges! At the end we all had to go back on stage, dance to ‘I am what I am’, wave to the audience then leave. I went up onto the stage, started dancing and realised that the catwalk was clear. An opportunity not to miss, Miss. So I elbowed a few girls in front of me out of the way and strutted my stuff again on the catwalk to cheers, whistles and applause.

What a buzz!


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Dear Tricia, I am trying to read all your adventures. I love you beauty pageant vids. I wish you well and Merry Christmas to and everyone here.

Thankyou Pieclown and merry Christmas to everybody here

Trish xx

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