Maggie-Rae: Sissy Inventory & Sissy Shopping

Back when I chose to fail my original reinstatement assignments, Mistress Katzenburg required me to create an inventory of all my sissy clothing, accessories, and toys so that she might better craft my future assignments and punishments. Having seen my completed inventory, she decided that it was severely lacking and prescribed a remedy in the forms of a sissy shopping trip with Ms Lisa to the local thrift stores. Ms Lisa was to decide my attire for the trip, as well as if I would be forced to try on the clothes that we picked out there in the store, a prospect which wholly terrified me. So that you may judge for yourselves the state of my sissy inventory, and enjoy my unfortunate experience during my sissy shopping trip, here are the results of both…

### Sissy Inventory

Below are the components of my Sissy Inventory, my collection of clothing, accessories, and toys that Ms Lisa and Mistress Katzenburg use in my sissy training, separated by category. First, my Sissy Clothing:


My current (at the time of the inventory) sissy clothing consisted mainly of lingerie and underthings, a PVC French Maid’s outfit, my extra-large J-cup bra and forms, my Geek Girl skirt and blouse, and my pink footie pajamas. The pajamas may look comfy (and they are), but they’re mainly for when I’ve been a bad little baby sissy during which much less pleasant things are placed under them that I consequently cannot reach.

Moving on, I had a nice assortment of sissy accessories and toys, none of which are terribly pleasant in practice, and I’m always a little bit nervous when Ms Lisa heads off to the toy cupboard to fish out something new. First, I have a few gags for Ms Lisa to choose from:


The first is my penis gag that I spend most of my time in, as it’s fitting that a sissy should get used to having a big cock in their mouth at all times. The second is a spreader gag when Ms Lisa wants free access to my mouth–soap, strap-on dildos, and worse things have found their way through that gag. Finally is my feeding gag, only for when I’ve been especially naughty. I’ve unfortunately discovered that baby food is the perfect consistency to be piped straight into my mouth without making a mess…

Next, I have a couple types of restraints:


My pink cuffs tend to get the most use around the house, being clipped either to each other or to a number of other strategically placed points (to the table for one of Ms Lisa’s torture sessions or to the kitchen chair for a very unpleasant feeding). The pink fingerless mittens are for when I’m being punished as a naughty sissy baby and Ms Lisa wants to leave me to my own suffering without worrying about my hands getting into things they shouldn’t be.

Next I have a large enough assortment of plugs and dildos to ensure that all of my holes can be thoroughly filled at Ms Lisa’s whim:


The dildos range in size from unpleasant (the first), to “Tears streaming down the face doesn’t fit!” (the last). The plug is typically the largest of the implements that Ms Lisa uses on me, and then only in the more grave punishment situations. The last two are so over-sized that even using them for oral practice is impractical.

Finally there are the dedicated sissy baby punishment implements–these are the things that I absolutely hate to see:


Ms Lisa prefers multiple layers of the thickest disposable diapers available in our area for my sissy baby punishments before confining me to my locking pink plastic panties. If I’ve been especially naughty she’ll include a few suppository laxatives or a nice big enema to ensure that I spend the duration of my punishment confined to messy diapers. As for the Icy Hot, there’s little worse than having it massaged into your sissy clitty which is then locked between a few layers of diapers–used when she wants me to cry like a real baby.

###Sissy Shopping

Unfortunately, Mistress Katzenburg found my inventory lacking and assigned me to a Sissy Shopping Trip with Ms. Lisa. Before setting out to hit a few thrift stores, Ms. Lisa dressed me in a bra, my cuffs, and because she still thinks I should be treated like a sissy baby, a diaper and an extra-large plug so I wouldn’t make a mess. After waddling around a pair of thrift stores for an hour (more from the plug than the diaper) Ms. Lisa picked out four very loud dresses to bulk up my wardrobe. It was her choice whether or not I would have to try them on there in the store, a humiliation which she thankfully spared me, and I instead modeled the outfits when we returned home instead, with everything fitting surprisingly well.


Now that I’ve bulked up my actual clothing a bit, I hope that my Sissy Inventory is a little more up to par. There should be plenty there to craft any number of painful and humiliating assignments and punishments for my eventual return as a full active member of The Institute.




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I have always dreamed of veing forced into a diaper and forced to go shopping. this sounds so humiliating and yet exciting to me. I hope that one day I i will be enrolled and i could get assignments exactly like this :)

maggie ray has a sweet collection clothes , it s a nice idea to do inventaire of our ward dress
skirt, shoes , pantyhos stocking , blosue panties, girdle..all things a sissy love

My inventory is lacking as well and this sisssy could use with some “toys” also.

used my last diaper last weekend.. HA HA,,

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