In a Row – sissy billy’s Results

It has been Mistress Katzenburg’s desire to have of her sissy maids all in a row performing household duties for her. This is the weekend for all of us to demonstrate our talents and win the honor of being her best Maid.

The normal accessories were ordered as part of her standard maid outfit. A bra with the largest forms one has and they better impress her. A super stuffed diaper always is a nice accessory and a collar. This week’s sissy maid dress however was to be handmade to demonstrate the talents of each sissy. A black garbage bag was to be found, a belt and white towel as a simple apron and instead of Cuffs, this week we put on 10 lb weights for the ankles and 2.5 lb weights for the wists. Just a little difficulty added to our workload.

All we had to do now was dress up and report for duty.


There was an intricate formula devised to further confuse us and test our math and calculating abilities.

She called them plus ups. This will definitely put me at a disadvantage and I will probably start in last place.
The Plus Up Items I could perform were Painted Nails and Toes worth .5 Pts, retained Enema before Starting worth 2 points, and the last one that I was going to try was Gagged for the duration worth 2 points. I was worried about this last one because my mouth gag did just that, gagged me. I had never been able to do it for any length of time. I know it was not a plus up, but I also put on red lipstick hoping for an extra point or two.


The other Plus ups I did not try because I knew that I would fail. I had tried the bottle caps and they hurt so much I knew I would not be able to stand them. I had not shaved and I could not for personal reasons. Maggie-Rae had the advantage on me because she was already shaved and I do not know about pieclown.

My plus up point total was 4.5 to deduct from my time allotments.

I dressed as Mistress Katzenburg has directed and presented myself. Of course I did give myself and enema to get 2 of my plus up points before pulling up my diaper. I was hoping to hold it in for the full 1 1/2 hours, but I knew realistically that probably would not happen. I really do not like enemas and I seem to be given a lot of them lately. UGH!


I did make a spreader to simulate Mistress Katzenburgs deluxe model

I was dressed and ready to go.


Now all I had to do was roll the dice and follow the formula.


I rolled a 6 and 3 for a total of nine. No one can accuse me of faking it. A nine, for real. I should have just place the dice at a 2 and 3, but my honesty got the better of me. Now I will calculate and suffer.

6 plus 3 equals 9 plus 2 equals 11 divided by 2 equals 5.5 rounded to 6. I then deducted my plus up points of 4.5 and my maid duties will require a 1 1/2 hour working shift.

Now I had to generate and win points for the sissy maid honors.

I was fully dressed and now the first mandatory chore. I first had to clean my mouth before I could clean the house. That was icky and disgusting as usual.


I served Mistress who was taking a bubble bath. As I stood their for 10 minutes holding my Mistresses drink my arms started to ache, but even worst then that my stomach started to rumble and I was already starting to cramp. This was not good because I thought I would go an hour before this started


Then I swept the floor. With the big diaper and spreader, it was really tough getting up and down. Very awkward.


Then to the Toilets. Another disgusting dirty smelly job. I guess that is why Mistress has a maid.

[![]( )](

I mopped the floor


After that was done I started drawing the bath which this time was for me when I was done – Hooray.


I was done. I stood up and rested for a moment and then I dropped my diaper and looked at the poop and the pee. How totally revolting.


Well, I had accumulated 5 points, but in my heart I know that it will not be enough to finish first and I know my sissy maid cleaning will probably be carried forward with more to clean and other punishments.

I hope I can at least finish not in last and just totally humiliate myself and my Mistress.

sissy billy – a poor excuse for a sissy Maid.


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Hey sissy billy,
Very nice posting. I wish you well in the final count for what is to be done.

a really Humiliation for the clients of the institute

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