In a Row – Stacee Skye’s Results

I have a hard time believing, for the In a Row assignment, that I was supposed to have a diaper that was so far over stuffed that it reached down to my knees and I couldn’t put those knees any closer to shoulder width apart. But that is the way it was.

After getting dressed and deciding that none of the plus up were for me, I rolled the dice for option 1. A pair of twos would leave me with just an hour in the horrific outfit.

The first order of business was to take out the trash. Since I wasn’t allowed to wait until it actually got dark outside, this was a bit hair raising and left me in need of a break.

After making it back inside, I realized, while I was scrubbing the floor that my diaper worked as a third knee. When ever I got down on my knees, it bottomed out. Not good.

I then had a series of menial tasks leading up to serving drinks.

Apparently Mistress didn’t like the drink as she dropped a bar of soap in in and let me continue to hold it.

After letting it get good and soupy, the bar was shoved in my mouth and left there until I could prove how much I loved the taste of soap and wearing the over-stuffed diaper by dry humping my diaper against the floor.

Nothing I am looking to repeat.


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I will agree this is nothing I wish to repeat. My hip was in pain for more then a day from walking around with weights and the spreaded diaper.

I havent been had an assignment like this as i am trying but not yet enrolled in the institute but it sounds like it doesnt take much to induce a not so pleasant bar of soap in the mouth. I hope to be enrolled so that i may expirience what i need.

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