sissy billy’s Final Soap Test Analysis

There is no more Soap Testing. This sissy is so Happy and I hope that my efforts and my punishment discomfits can be of assistance to all in picking out the proper soap for them to use as a sissy.

After several weeks of thorough Testing and even an added week of Testing to Test a particularly Girlie Smelling Soap, the Results are in and tabulated. All that remains is to pick a Winner which will be difficult. The added dilema is that the Winner may be used on myself and others in the Future. I will try to be fair and unbiased and not to think about my future possible discomfit.

The First assignment was to purchase appropriate Soaps for Testing among all the available feminine Soaps.

Camay (My Pink everyday Soap), Olay (Age Defing), Caress (Velvet Bliss), Dove (Pink Rosa) and then the added Japanese Cherry blossom were chosen for testing.

The Testing then was started under strict and documented criteria.

The Rules are fairly simple, but may be modified at any time and were by Mistress Katzenburg.

The soap to be tested must be qualified for use by a sissy, be a very feminine sissy fragrance that should last and should humiliate the sissy in public. It is preferable that it be sissy “Pink”, but other white, lavender, or other suitably colored feminine soap is acceptable. The soap must be purchased in the feminine soap aisle. (Manly soaps are not allowed)

The four Soaps chosen for the initial test program are Camay, Caress, Dove and Olay. A new pink feminine soft sponge was also purchased for sissy billy to help in the proper evaluations.

Mistress Katzenburg later added Japanese Cherry Blossom, a very girlie smelling soap from Bath and Body Store.

The test process of the four soaps will take four weeks (a 5th was added) and will continue as long as Mistress Katzenburg deems necessary to determine a winner of official soap.

Each Soap will be tested for a week starting on Monday and will be judged for smell, soapiness, cleaning ability and a subjective evaluation of whether the Ladies at work smelled it on her.

There were two added tests to be conducted by me. I will use the soap of the week to Brush my teeth at the start of each week and will rate the soap on how it tasted and how long the taste lasted in my mouth.

I am to brush as usual. Once in the morning, once after dinner and once before bed. The soap is to be put into hot water prior to brushing for at least ten minutes so it becomes soft. I am to gargle with the soapy water for 5 minutes to properly wet my mouth and then I am to brush for 5 minutes continually using the toothbrush to scrap the soft soap off the bar for use as soap paste. I will be allowed to spit out the soap paste after the five minutes, but will not be allowed to rinse my mouth. I will be allowed to drink juice or coffee as usual, but not to rinse.

I am to wear appropriate attire while brushing. Nightgown for the morning and evening and proper feminine wear (skirt, blouse, etc) for the after dinner brushing. I will only wear my panties on tooth-brushing day, no male underwear. At night I will wear panties and the nightgown to bed for the entire night after brushing.

At the end of each week I am to post a report of the evaluation of the soap of the week and include pictures of the soap paste use.

When all the Soaps are tested and evaluated I am to prepare a composite report comparing all of the findings for the Mistresses of “The Institute” to review and judge.

The following disclaimer was added by my Mistress. In non legal terms, If Mistress Katzenburg wants to adjust this test, she can and she did.

I then proceeded with my Soap Testing Research.

Week One – Dove (Pink Rosa) was to be tested.

In just one day I knew this was going to be a horrible assignment and one that I knew I would quickly regret my whining. This seemed like the worst week because everything was new and disgusting. In hindsight this soap-paste did set the standard for being disgusting. In the end it had the least smell, but was one of the worst soap-paste.

Week Two – Caress (Velvet Bliss)

The Caress was very soapy to wash with and filled the fluffy sponge with suds and covered my body. It was very girlie and like a bubble bath in the shower.

Week Three – Olay (Age Defying)

As a soap-paste this was very soapy and sudsy and was very thick and covered everything in my mouth. It bubbled out of my mouth and dribbled on my nighties and Blouse. Very icky and disgusting to brush with.

Week Four – Camay (Pink)

Pink Camay is/was the soap of choice for Mistress to use on me as a punishment. It always tasted terrible and still did, but now I know that it is not the worst and is not the worst to use as soap-paste.

Week Five – Japanese Cherry Blossom

Oh what a treat this week was (Not really). I was not a good sissy and misbehaved as I often do. Mistress Katzenburg changed the rules as she often does and is allowed to do. It was decided by her that an additional week featuring a very very feminine smelling soap be added for comparison. The only thing worst then the fragrance spritz would have been a girlie perfume.

Also added to this soap test was some feminine shaving and a trip to the Bath and Body Store.

This was also accompanied by another trip to the store because I bought the wrong body lotion.

Then the final week of testing was in full test mode.

This final week was the most difficult because of the feminine girlie smells of the body gel, the body lotion, the fragrance mist, the hand lotion. I am sure that the girls know that I use a girl’s fragrance soap to wash with and a girlie fragrance cologne and deodorant. None of the said anything though, so I hope not. I also stretched to limits of the rules by showering at night and using only a little fragrance mist during the day. I smelled it though, so it served its purpose of humiliating me, which was probably the real intent.

If you want to smell like a girl, this would be a good choice of things for you Ladies Room counter. As an additional treat from Mistress Katzenburg, I am also allowed to keep using the Japanese Cherry Blossom products until they are completely used up. Actually this was a directive and not a choice. I am barely half way through them and will have at least another 2 weeks of use. Oh Joy!


To Complete this assignment I have established a Chart below to compare all the Soaps and rate them.

Test Samples: Camay, Olay, Dove, Caress & Japanese Cherry Blossom Testing is on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)

SOAP Caress Olay Dove Camay JCB
Smell 2 1 3 3 5
Soapiness 4 5 2 4 5
Cleaning 3 5 3 4 3
Lingering smell for the girls at work 2 2 3 3 5
TOTAL 11 13 11 14 18
AVERAGE 2.75 3.25 2.75 3.5 4.5

SOAP-PASTE Caress Olay Dove Camay JCB
How did it Taste 4 4 4 4 4
How Long did the Taste stay in your Mouth 3 3 4 3 3
TOTAL 7 7 8 7 7
AVERAGE 3.5 3.5 4.0 3.5 3.5

There have been two categories of Winners suggessted by Mistress Katzenburg.

The First Award is for the Soap that was the best for making you smell like a girl:

First Place goes to JAPANESE CHEERY BLOSSOM with a rating of 4.5 and was a runaway winner.

It was by far the most girlie smelling of all the soaps, particularly when you added lotions and fragrance mist. Of course nothing less would be expected of something purchased at the Body and Bath Store where from my experience only girls shop.

The second Award is for the Soap that tasted the worst and would be the best punishment for a sissy to punished with when a good sissy mouthwashing is required.

This was a close race and a difficult decision for the Test Committee to make. The Dove had the better percentage, but I feel the Olay should be given a bonus point because of the excessive suds effect of the soap paste drippling and oozing out of the Tester’s mouth on her nightgown and blouse. Therefore this trophy and award will be shared by Olay and Dove.

Congratulations to the Winners and I feel sorry for the sissies that may be subjected to this in the future.

My advice is to a be very very good sissy, which we all know is difficult. But the consequences of being punished as above should make us all think about being on extra special good behaviour.

Certified by “The Institute” Soap Testing Committee.

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Mistress Katzenburg,

I will acknowledge that somewhere during my Soap Testing I was told by you that I should continue to use the soaps for personal washing.

I have done so, but there were a lot of soaps and I imagine they will last me for the year.

sissy billy

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