Fantasy Island – 6 “Attending Church on Sunday”

My last visit to Fantasy Island proved to be very stressful. In hopes of a quiet and peaceful Sunday I thought I would make a wish to just attend Church which would give me an Hour or so of peaceful quiet and to think about my life as a sissy of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

The Mistress of the Island told me she thought that was an excellent idea and asked if I wished to attend Church with her. Not thinking anything could be wrong with her invitation, I accepted. She called one of her girls and told me to go with her. Church on Fantasy Island was not a place that you wore pants to. She said her girl would pick out a nice dress for me.

I thought that was a great idea. I do love to wear pretty dresses.

After an hour of fixing I was presented to the Mistress wearing stockings, white heels and a feminine conservative white dress. She also gave me a scarf (Ladies always wear something on their heads to Church) and Gloves (Proper Ladies also wear gloves to Church). Mistress smiled and told me I looked Lovely.


We walked to Church with several other Ladies from the Mistress’s Office and it was a delightful Sunday Walk. As we turned up the Church Walk I noticed for the first time the name of the Church.

The First Women’s Church of Fantasy Island

I should have thought something strange with the name, but did not. I entered talking with the other Ladies.

The first thing I noticed as we entered was that there were only girls in the Church. The Minister was a Girl and even the alter boys were alter girls. I thought it was strange, but sat down with the Mistress as the service began.

No sooner had the Minister said hello she said in a loud voice for all to here.

“I would like to welcome sissy billy to our service today. As all of you know, she is really a boy who likes to dress up in women’s clothes and be a girl. I would all of you like to welcome our sissy.”

There was clapping and a lot of laughter and giggling. I was embarrassed that I had so publicly been exposed.

The she asked me to come to the alter and tell everyone all about myself. I was mortified. As I got up, Mistress grabbed my arm and warned me that I better tell everyone all the details of my Cross-Dressing.

For 15 minutes I related how I loved to dress in Ladies Dresses, wear Bras and Panties and particularly liked to wear Negligees to Bed. I was also confessed that I was now enrolled in “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment” and that was being punished my sissy behaviour by the Mistresses of the “Institute. There were several times they all clapped and were laughing out loud at me. I was so humiliated. Finally I was done.

As I started back to my seat, the Minister pointed out a chair at the end of the pew. She said it was a Chair of Honor just for a sissy like myself.

As I got closer I almost fainted at what I saw. Attached to the chair was a Dildo. With each step closer it got larger and larger. By the time I got to the front of the Chair I was crying and begging and pleading to not sit down on it, which I knew was their intention.


As I stood by the chair two girls reached under my dress and pulled down my panties. Then several girls turned me around and lowered me down onto the Dildo. I cried as I was shoved down onto it. I thought I would split apart and begged to be picked up. Every time I moved it hurt even worst. They picked up my dress and with a strap under the chair fastened it over my legs forcing me tight to the chair with no hope of getting off. Each time I squirmed it hurt even more. If I stayed perfectly still it still hurt a lot, but less then squirming.


With me sobbing loudly, the Minister returned to the Pulpit and smiled at all the smiling Ladies and said.

“Now that Ladies, is how you keep a sissy boy from squirming in Church”

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I wonder if the Ladies> have a chair for me? I use to love to sing praises and read my book but now I don’t give a second look. However I did brush up on being the sissy that “I AM.”

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