In a Row – Alien Invasion – Pieclown’s Results

I was require for this assignment to act as the president of an alien race of humanoids set on enslaving the earth. I was to have a lingerie shoot showing off your buxom, but oddly colored, human form which every newspaper will want to run and then meet up with others from your invasion at the largest halloween party in the world (where you will all blend right in).

I was to be painted from head to toe with a colored make-up.

President Pieclown, the alien leader from the planet Lumpa-umpa, was enjoying herself. Her plans to invade Earth, was working. The people, mostly men were in wonder of her purple tinted skin and her buxom figure just made it more the tease. She was doing a lingerie photo shoot to lull the Earthlings in to her plans.

The photo shoot was over, and President Pieclown was heading to the Halloween party to meet with the others from the invasion force. She was some ghost walking down an alley. She followed, but they were not trick or treaters, it was the Klan. President Pieclown did not relies it until it was too late. The members started calling her names. She tries to leave but they grab her. They decide she needs a good whipping, but no one has a whip. Someone pulls out a paddle. She is pulled over a chair and the paddle starts to rain down on her girdled covered bottom.

The purple alien starts to moan in pain. “Quit your wining bitch” a kansman says as he shoves a kielbasa down her throat.

“We won’t have any more shit from her” he said. ”Well if you don’t want any shit you will need this” say a klanswoman. She takes a butt plug, pulls down the lingerie and shoves it in the aliens un-greased butt hole. “Now that is an alien probe” laughs the woman.

“Hey I thought these bitches were fags. She aint going to like that big meat in her mouth. She’s a pie lover.” This is said as a man gets a large cream pie and shoves it into the presidents face.

President pulls the pie from her face and looks at the hatemongers, knowing this is why all Earthlings must die. “She looks pretty good in white, lets finish the job.” A kansman picks up a bucket of white paint. They force the purple alien to her knees and then dump the white mess over her head.

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Hello All, I have updated this to better showing. I had done it in all the ‘s’ size pictures to get a judge of what it would look like. I also was missing a photo from the ‘photo shoot’ I had planned a closing for this and if I do I will put it in the comments.

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