Fantasy Island – A Smurfy Centerfold

We each have a driving force behind us. A Sissy Submissive like myself is weak and needs guidance. I am fortunate to have Mistress Rosemarie who gives purpose to my life and guidance. As usual, it was her who decided that I have been lacking in attitude and needed a big push. With a Stern voice she told me to get in the car and as we drove to the dock she lectured me continually on my bad attitude. She told me that I better shape up and start behaving like a proper sissy client again of “The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment”.

I got out of the Car and headed to the Dock to board the boat for Fantasy Island. Passenger of one headed for her new adventure and what was sure to be my justified punishment.

As the boat neared Fantasy Island I could see the Mistress of the Island smiling as usual and waving to me. I dreaded how happy she always was and how very unhappy I ended up with my adventures.

She smiled as I curtsied as was appropriate for a sissy to do as she approached a Mistress. She told me that Mistress Katzenburg had told her how much I liked Smurfs and Smurf Movies. On this trip I was to have the honor of being the lead Actress in a Smurf Photo Shoot.

Her assistants as usual whisked me away to the Sissy Dressing Room.

I was stripped of my clothes quickly. They were so good at tearing my masculine, but always somewhat feminine looking Clothes off and leaving me naked.

They started smearing blue paint all over my body. They smiled and giggled as they told me it should wear off in a few days. By this time I was starting to cry, which is normal for my adventures.

They then told me that I was to be the Leading Actress in a Lingerie Photo Shoot of female Smurf Attire.

I was dressed quickly and lead to the Artist Gallery. I was humiliated and mortified as I soon learn it was a public Photo Session and gathered were both Papa and Mama Smurfs as well as boy and girl Smurfs. It was so embarrassing as I entered dressed only in a white Bra, White Panties and White Heels.


The Smurfs and Smurfettes laughed and made fun of me telling me that I was the ugliest looking Smurfette they had ever seen. They made me walk up and down the runway dressed only in a Bra and Panties. I was sobbing, but they made me model for 15 minutes without relief.

Finally I was allowed to go backstage. But then, I was dressed in a white Smurfette Dress which was skimpier then a slip and more revealing. Continued humiliation as I shoved back on stage.


Finally after a 1/2 hour of strutting up and down the runway with constant heckling, I was allowed to exit and the Photo Shoot was over.

I was relieved that it was over until the Mistress of the Island came in and said ‘Oh No, You must attend the reception and dressed as you are”.

My whining and crying only got me a quick bend over the dressing table and several slaps on my ass from the Mistress. I finally managed to stop crying and followed her to the Reception.

I was required to introduce myself to each Smurfette (the Smurfs just ignored me) and tell them that I was a sissy of “The Institute” and my Trips to Fantasy Island was my deserved punishment for being a Cross-Dressing sissy. This naturally drew even more criticism and mocking from the Smurfettes.

Finally the Reception ended and Mistress started to lead me back to the boat dressed as I was. However, several of Smurfettes stopped her and quitely talked to her. When she returned, she told me that the Smurfettes had decided that a Cross-Dressing Sissy like me deserved much more punishment and that I would be attending a meeting of the Smurfettes in the Town Square tonight and that I would be staying over.

I trembled in fear knowing that this would not be something that I would like.

….. to be continued


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you are a really adorable smurfette sissy billie

what do you use to become blue?


They used Blue Powder Makeup to turn me icy Blue. Thank you sissyraymonde for saying that I looked adorable and it was perfectly Humiliating.

However, the other Smurfette’s did not think I was adorable. Stay tuned for part 2 and how they treated last night in the Fantasy Island Park and at the Mistress of Fantasy Island’s Mansion.

I am still blue, humiliated and my mouth and throat hurt.

sissy billy

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