Though it takes a while to push members through the application process, it will eventually happen. stephanie sissy posted her original request back on November 16, 2011:

> Mistress
> I am an in the closet sissy. I really need guidance, and instructions on how to be a proud sissy and excepting of my place in life. I am hoping you will help me fulfill this yearning. Willing to attempt all assignments and would love to feel the discomfort of a lading menstral cycle
> bowed and waiting for a response if you feel I am worthy of one
> steff

I finally post it to the site and let her go to the email check phase on January 12 and she gets her first assignment on January 15, 2012.

**One day** later I get an email back:

> thankyou for responding to this pathetic sissy, I have now sadly given up my sissy life due to other issues (my wife found out) and will now be spending a lot of time on this aspect of my life. I guess I will be heading to the hall of shame where I probably belonged in the first place. Once again thank you for taking time out of you life to help people like me and I hope you find someone more worthy

I am sure in the 3 days since you emailed and said that you could receive email that your wife found out and you have given up your sissy life and are working on other things. Please. Enough with the lies. The truth is that you saw the first assignment, realized this gig involves Cross-dressing Punishment and Humiliation and ran the other way.


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A shame, but I guess she is a pathetic sissy. A good sissy would accept her punishment as she should.

We are born sissy ….. we remain a sissy all its life

I tried to run from my Mistress, Miss Cat (honor curtsy) but olny got as far as the treadmill allowed me to…

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