sissy billy has been a Naughty Sissy

I have been silent too long and have not wanted to participate, but I have completely supported Mistress Katzenburg in her attempts to train my Sissy. However, Mistress Katzenburg and I are in agreement and are completely disgusted with your feeble attempts and poor attitude. With urging by Mistress Katzenburg, I will no longer be passive, but will take a more active Role in assiting Mistress Katzenburg and the Institute in your training and punishments.

silly billy has been lazy, arrogant at times, completely negligent of her duties as a sissy client of The Institute of Cross-Dressing Punishment and just plain naughty. She has broken and failed to follow so many “Rules of the Institute” that we could not list all of them. It is time for her attitude to change and her rehabilitation to begin.

Since sissy billy seems not to have enough will power of her own to follow even the simplest rules or demonstrate a proper attitude, I will give her a strict and rigid schedule to follow over the next three months. She will either complete successfully every assignment given her or I will wash my hands of her and I imagine Mistress Katzenburg my suspend her and put her in the Hall of Shame.

“sissy billy” – read your fate below in the following agenda that we have set for you and obey completely.

From now, through the end of the summer, you are formally on probation. Below is your probation tasking. This is considered the *minimum* and will be increased in severity for infractions during your probation.

* Every Friday you are to wear panties and stockings to work in preparation for the weekend.
* You will wear panties at least two of the other day of the work week. Starting June 1st, you will be wearing panties every day.
* You will be on weekend rules from 6:00 PM Friday to 6:00 AM Monday morning. The Ladies Room is strictly off limits during this time. A Diaper may be worn if you wish, but it will only be changed at 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday Morning. To ensure you stay well hydrated. you are to drink a 16 oz glass of water every hour (starting at 6:00 PM) each night until you go to sleep. You are to wear a nightgown, stuffed bra and panties to bed each night.
* You will experience your sissy period once per month.
* You will experience your sissy ovulation two weeks after your sissy period begins and will take proper precautions for three days. Details will be sent to keep you from getting pregnant.
* You will maintain your hairless state that is created in your first assignment.

Since there are assignments that you have ignored or just completely refused to obey, all assignments will be strictly graded and any all failures will result in additional tasking. All assignments are due on Sunday night and not having them turned in on time will be counted as a failure.

**Friday (4/27/12)** – You will be finally shaved, since all sissies should be clean shaven. You are to come home, prepare and take a fragrant bubble bath and then shave your chest, sissy clitty area and legs to complete smoothness. Since this assignment is so long overdue, you are strongly encouraged to remove portions of your hair with feminine waxing methods. This would demonstrate to all a change in your attitude.

**Sunday (4/29/12) thru Saturday (5/5/12)** – You will be experiencing your first sissy period after missing several. Periods that follow missed “Periods” are usually and often awful. Yours will be no different and details will be sent.

**Monday (5/7/12)** – One of the Bonus Fantasy Island trips you ignored.

**Monday (5/14/12)** – A start of more Soap Testing and Tasting. The Soaps will be different to get a more varied report from the previous one. A Big Bar Ivory Soap will be first. The rules will be improved from your last tasting. Visitors will be allowed to vote on what type of Soap they would like tested.

**Monday (5/21/12)** – Another Fantasy Island visit.

**Monday (5/28/12)** – Another Soap Tasting and Test.

Fantasy Island visits and Soap Tastings will continue to until all outstanding fantasies have been fulfilled. Naturally all rules of documentation are to be followed, though only the weekly assignments are required to be posted.


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Oh My Gosh, Mistresses; This is horrible. This is Terrible. I promise I will be more attentive and do all that you ask. I never imagined it would be this bad when I read your twitter this morning. I am so Sorry.

Please, Please – have some leniency!!!!!!

I do not hope that I will be allowed out of this predicament. But please reconsider.

Oh My Goodness!!!!

I will obey and start my treatments and hope that if I get passing grades in May that you might reconsider. I will begin immediately.

sissy billy

I got home from work just a little after my Sissy. Everyone should know that she is still in shock. I am smiling, sensing that our Summer Assignment did shock her and maybe, maybe she might wake up.

For the Record, however, she missed her first assigned task because she did not read her assignment. The Rules and Regulations state that she should look at them and her assignments on the Site regularly. sissy billy was to wear panties and stockings to work today. She did not. She has failed her first assigned repeating task which will be noted.

In re-reading the posted Assignment, I did catch a missed requirement and formally correct it now. (All Mistresses have the right to correct assignments as they wish and whenever they wish).

The following should be added to every weekend assignment.
* Whenever sissy billy is home during the weekend assignment she will at all times be wearing panties, a stuffed bra and stockings under whatever she is wearing which for the time being is whatever she chooses.

I do look forward to tonight’s assignment. I even bought my Sissy a present for the occasion. A new feminine Wax (Extra Strength) Kit.

Wishing her well, Mistress Rosemarie

OHHHH It is going to be a longggggg summer for someone. I wish You well also.

Oh Miss Pinnellipee, it is even worst then I thought. It is the first night and I was crying already. I tried to remove hair with a feminine wax treatment. I was terrible and I was crying after 5 strips. I had to stop. This is only my first assignment. I think I did a good job shaving and will finally pass my shaved body assignment, but I can’t think about this for the whole summer.

This going to be a terrible Summer.

sissy billy

    sissy billy, I wish I had someone to help with my body hair removal. Especially my back. How can I be a good sissy if I have ugly hair all over myself? YUCK! I would endure a back wax if I could find a place to do it. Cry Baby CRY, You do know that it is for your own good and that skipping assignments only makes it worst. That is what you get for fullfilling the application to the Institute. I almost completed the process. Got all the ways to the Head office, placed my application on the desk, then ran away as fast as my little mary janed feet would take me. Yes, sissy billy, I am going down the Hall Of Shame. Slowly though as You and the otherss inspire me to stick around. Who knows, someday I may just be taken by my ear by the Truant officer to the office for some discipline and not allowed to leave until my application complete. Yes, Spring is here, not even close to the start of summer yet. Spring break is over for you and summer school begins! Keep me posted.

Good Morning Mistress Katzenburg,

My recurring weekend assignment for the Summer is besides dressing as required, I am not allowed to use the Ladies Room. It also states that I may only ask for a Diaper Change at 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Because of the many Glasses of Water I am instructed to drink, I was and probably in the future will not be able to control my bladder. I had to ask for two additional diaper changes on Saturday and will probably need to do so on Sunday.

Mistress Rosemarie granted my request to change my diaper, but said I must also ask you for permission. Mistress Rosemarie has already granted permission saying that there would probably be consequences.

I formally ask your permission for this adjustment and agree to accept whatever consequences determined by you or Mistress Rosemarie are warranted for this very minor change in conditions. I would hope that such a small change will result in minor consequences.

sissy billy

I too have been lazy, arrogant and neglectful of my duties plus have broken many rules where being called naughty is just the tip of my being.

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