Fantasy Island – Double Down

I am once again destined to travel to Fantasy Island. Assignment # 3 is my Bonus Trip – Double Down. I still remember my first trip to the Fantasy Island Casino and I know that this trip to the Casino will not be any more fun than my first trip to the Casino.

As I departed the Ferry – I was whisked away by the Fantasy Island associate Mistresses to be prepared. Instead of a sleek Dress, this time I was being taken to a private room of High Roller Mistresses and I was to be dressed in the sleaziest Peignoir Lingerie, the largest bra and forms and a matching thong. High Heels, of course and Makeup.

I was led to a not so private Bath where the clientele could walk in and out and naturally they all did to ridicule me and humiliate me. I was stripped naked and finally was allowed to submerse my self in my Bubble Bath.

It really is humiliating taking a bubble bath in front of a lot of Casino Patrons. If only my night ended with this.

Next came my transformation and preparation. I was told to get out of the Bubble Bath and tried to quickly run to the Dressing Room as everyone laughed and some even took pictures. It was completely and totally humiliating. In the dressing room hanging on the back of the door was a red sleazy Negligee, thong and a big pink Bra. On the counter were numerous frightening things like enemas, Castor oil and tampons. On the bed in the adjacent room were fancy frilly gloves, a garter, neck ribbon, diapers and my very big diaper. I was dressed by the Mistresses and then shoved out the Dressing Room door to laughter and catcalls from the Patrons.

After being embarrassed in front of everyone I was taken back into the bedroom for further preparation. I was told to lay on the bed and then I was given 3 glycerin enemas (very potent for such little bottles) and also a fleet enema to push it further into my system. I was then diapered and put on my very very big stuffed plaster diaper cover. When I was led back out I was even more humiliated then before.

Now to the Dice Table. I rolled a 12 – 2 Six’s – Boxcars. The crowd cheered as I was taken to the Ladies Room, a new bar of pink Camey Soap was lathered up and shoved in my mouth and then led to a desk to sit for half an hour to write out the Disrespect Sentence from the Rules and Regulations. I gagged often and twice had to spit out the soap as I was gagging. It was shoved back in immediately by one of the Supervising Mistresses and I continued for the half hour. Oh My, did it taste bad and my mouth was full of soap. I was not allowed to spit it out though and slowly swallowed the disgusting lather.

I was now crying, but they took me back to the dice table. I rolled a 7. At least the big Gatorade washed the soap down, but the baby food was disgusting and the Castor oil made me gag again. I hate Castor oil.

Oh, by the way – the enemas had already worked and my diaper was a smelly poopy mess. It was so embarrassing. Everyone knew I had pooped by the way I walked and I certainly did smell.

My two rolls had totaled a 19 and I was done. This meant another spoonful of Castor Oil and a pink Camey soap-paste brushing. I was now off to bed with a full squishy diaper, but at least it was over.

I did not sleep very well that night, but I got up in the morning and cleaned up.

After these two trips to the Fanatasy Island Casino I no longer liked going to Casino’s, particularly the Fantasy Island Casino. I do hope it is a long time before I go to one again.


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Oh My Goddess, What was required of You and then to get this on film. Too precious. So glad that The Institute requires nothing from me. I am living my fantasy thru You. Blessed be Your little heart for allowing me to mirror in the reflection from Your activities. Tee Hee, I’m hiding in the shadows.

Grading for sissy billy’s Assignment # 3 – Fantasy Island Casino “Double Down” Bonus Trip. (Refer to Assignment # 1 for Grading Procedure)

• Dress Initiative and “Bubble” bath was excellent – Add a Bonus Point. • Failed to keep the Camey Soap in Mouth for full 30 minutes, even it was quickly shoved back in and accepted – Minus 1/2 point. • Failed to document with pictures your writing of the Dis-Respect Punishment Sentence – Minus 1 point. • Failure to turn in assignment on Time – Minus 1 point.

Final Grade is B-/C+ = ( 2.5 )

Your average is now a D + ( 1.2). Your Assignments and Testing this coming week are critical. Your first Report Card will be issued the first week of June and will determine your assignments for June.

Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie

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