Summer School – Semester One

Your First Trimester of Summer School has ended Sissy Billy. There was a great improvement in your lack of attention and effort which is commendable, but you had so far to come from your total Lack of Effort over the first part of this year.

You had 1 B, 1 C, 3 D’s and 1 F. This averages to a GPA of 1.6. Passing is a C (2.0) and therefore you are now placed on Probation.

There is a 3 week intercession before your 2nd Trimester Assignments are developed and your 2nd of 3 Summer School Sessions begin.

The Following Assignments remain in effect and/or Modified. (Subject to further Modification by Mistress Katzenburg)

• Every Friday you will continue to wear panties and stockings to work in preparation for the weekend.
• For improvement in your work Ethic – Your weekend rules will be adjusted to go from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM each night from the time you get home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights. The Ladies Room is still strictly off limits during this time. A Diaper may be worn if you wish, but it can only be removed at 8:00 AM when you finish each Night. To ensure you stay well hydrated. you are to drink a 16 oz glass of water every hour until you go to sleep. You are to wear a nightgown, stuffed bra and panties to bed each night.
• You will continue to experience your sissy period once per month.
• You will continue to experience your sissy ovulation two weeks after your sissy period begins and will take proper precautions for three days.
• It is now the Summer Season starting June 1. Therefore you will be wearing panties every day. In honor of the “Girlie” Summer of a few years ago, thongs will be included. On Sunday night you are to lay out and photo document 7 panties, 3 normal lady panties and 4 lady thongs. You are to put these in your small lingerie draw and then with your eyes closed each morning reach in and pick one.

Enjoy the Summer, Your Assistant Instructress (Summer School), Mistress Rosemarie


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Yes Mistress,

I accept and will obey completely. I will do better next semester.

sissy billy

I’ve been good and don’t need summer school. Think of me when You are stuck in sissy summer school. While You eat soap, I eat Ice Cream.

I certainly will not be naughty for a while. Hopefully there will not be any more soap to eat in my future. I think I have tested every soap there is and they all taste terrible. It would really be nice to eat ice cream instead.

I start my Summer of being dressed full time in “Girlie” Panties. Today I picked a black and White Polka Dot Thong with lace trim.

Oh My, I do not know why a Girl would want to wear a Thong. Very Uncomfortable.

Someone’s got their panties in a bunch…and it is NOT me.
Thong slung blues,
sissy billy knows them.
Thong slung blues,
Sissy billy show them.

It is more then tough enough wearing them, let alone humiliating myself by showing them. Rest assured, I did wear panties last week and a majority were very uncomfortable thongs.

Ha Ha Ha Too funny, and here it is hot and shorts weather. Bet You don’t bend over as much.

Pinnellipee, someone does have their panties in a bunch and because she is shy is not sharing her joy of the Summer Pantie/Thong season.

sissy billy, you continue to disappoint and aggravate me. While I can report to everyone that she is wearing her panties and thongs, I specifically instructed that she post her first week experiences in panties and thongs. This is obviously not been done since I see no posting yet.

What should I do sissy billy to get my point across? Would you like to wear pantyhose everyday too? How about a pink flower in your hair? Maybe some pretty pink toe-polish. I am sure you do not want to get Mistress Katzenburg involved, do you?

You have till tonight to get this done.

Please Mistress Rosemarie, you got your point across and I do not not need any further urging.

I will do the post today.

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