Maggie Rae: Violent Femmes

Nearly a week ago, we active clients here at the Institute received a warning that a new assignment was coming down the tubes, and that it would be based on the timeless music of the Violent Femmes. While we were all asked what our two favorite Violent Femmes songs were, Mistress Katzenburg’s two favorites were ‘36-24-36’ and ‘Dance, M.F., Dance’. From that alone, I knew that nothing good could come of this assignment, but yesterday I found out just how bad it would be.

Since none of us had 24” waists, we were first to figure what our bust and hip sizes would need to be to maintain the same proportions. It turned out that I would need a 63” bust and hips, which meant a bra with my biggest forms and a super-stuffed diaper (since it seemed like it wouldn’t take too long, I omitted the diaper and just super-stuffed my plastic panties—bad choice). After I was dressed I had to make a video for Mistress Katzenburg following the directions of her second favorite song, ‘Dance, M.F., Dance’—you can imagine just about how well that went, in a bra stuffed as full as mine was. If she decides to post the video, then you’ll get to see it as well.


After my video was completed, I hoped I was done—not by a long shot. The next part of my assignment was convincing my newfound “boyfriend” to ‘Please Do Not Go’ (one of the two songs I had selected). After about 20 minutes of practicing my oral skills on a large dildo, I uploaded my pictures and once again, hoped I was done. Unfortunately, I was informed that I had in fact convinced him not to go and that he would be keeping me like this for the rest of the night until the next morning, when I would have to suck him off again, this time thoroughly soaped. I was alarmed when I heard this, and asked if I could use the restroom during this time—it looked like I was wearing a diaper, but I actually was not. Mistress Katzenburg allowed me to change into a diaper, but for the privilege I was going to need to rub myself down with Icy Hot first. Problem two, I had no Icy Hot. She allowed me to change anyway, but insisted there would be an additional punishment for my lack of preparation. As Monday Night Football was just starting, I suggested that she pick one of the teams, if they won I would do extra time, if they lost I would get out the next morning. She decided that if the Carolina Panthers won, that I would spend a number of hours equal to the total points scored in the game in my current dress, while if the Eagles won I would be free the next morning…


Both teams are terrible, but the Eagles are just awful… The ended up losing 30-22, which meant another 52 hours of punishment. Unfortunately, just before the loss happened, I received a request from a friend for aid today (their car has been on the fritz and they need me to play chauffer for a day). Now I was on the hook for another 52 hours that I couldn’t accommodate—at the Institute this is not a place where you want to be. Mistress Katzenburg was very understanding, and I now just need to finish off the last of my current assignment before being released. As it stands however, I’ll be on the hook for an extended punishment later this week, and worse, Mistress Katzenburg has time to plan what it will be. So tune in later this week to see my punishment for being the Monday Night Loser…





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Nice to hear that You are still enrolled and trying to make the grade. Best of luck.

Sounds like a rough one. I am curious to see how my assignment turns out once my day off comes.

BBBM- Do tell, inquiring eyes want to see.

how did you come about to enroll in this? sorry, i just discovered this and am just fascinated. maybe one day, i’ll follow in your sissy footsteps.

Well Done Maggie Rae,

I am a generation before you and do not know of the music of Violent Femmes. Interesting assignment though.

Again, well done as usual – sissy billy

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