Maggie Rae: Story Assignment 2—Fire Down Below

Tonight’s assignment marks the end of the second week of my assignment story series—my ongoing training based off Mistress Katzenburg’s ongoing story. This week, Sean finds himself in a [precarious (and painful) position]( While the assignment wasn’t terribly difficult or (thankfully) humiliating this week, it was both time consuming and very, very painful. My assignment took place in two parts—first, I was to shave from the neck down, which just takes forever when you’re as hairy as I am, and second I was to masturbate with Icy Hot—bringing myself to the edge multiple times, but never cumming. While it was an extremely painful assignment, it did at least distance itself from last week’s humiliation.

The first thing up tonight was shaving, which I hate doing—not because it’s humiliating or painful or anything else, but just because it tends to take forever. It also tends to herald worse things to come (my most humiliating assignments tend to come after I’ve been shaven—not something I want to think about). So after a couple hours with clippers, and another hour with a razor (and this was quicker than usual—having a bathtub making shaving your legs so much easier), I was finally finished and dressed for the second half of my assignment.


All the time I was getting dressed, I was seriously dreading what was coming next. Icy Hot is not pleasant on sensitive body parts (to say the least), and I found myself biting down on my gag at multiple points during this part of my assignment. While the assignment was to bring myself to the edge “multiple times”, and I probably could have just gone twice and called it good, I brought myself to the edge three full times before I considered my assignment complete. I’m hoping after this point we can put the Icy Hot away for a while—anything else would be better at this point.


Be sure to check back next Wednesday for the next installment in Mistress Katzenburg’s weekly story, and next Sunday for my next assignment. Also, be sure to follow [@cdpunishment]( for news and updates from The Institute. Finally, sign up and comment to let us know what you think of the story so far and give us ideas for future assignments—you may get to see your suggestion in action.

Until next week…



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