1: A Trip Home

After some time away, it is always good to be back home. Usually. Unless your name is Stacee Skye. She had a decent trip back home today, but due to my instructions arrived with two full 20 oz bottles of her waste generated during the trip. Now, as she kneels beside me, she is wondering what they will be used for.

* Will they be pouring into her diaper? (She is wearing two large diapers plus two diaper inserts. They will surely hold a great deal and the plastic panties and bloomers will ensure that there are no leaks.)

* Perhaps she will be forced to soak her outer clothes (shorts and a pink t-shirt) and then go out and about. If that is the case, I am sure that she is hoping the two [painful clips](http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-12-pack-Hanger-Clips-White/19716407) on her nipples will be removed before she is forced to go out. And she is probably hoping that her shorts can be changed since the long-legged, pink, plastic bloomers stick out the bottom of her shorts.

* Maybe she will be required to drink up both bottles with a straw–and that is why I am having her practice sucking on a dildo right now.

The one thing that she does know is that she will have to retrieve them from the driveway–dressed as she is (and with the diaper she has managed to wet)–in full view of all of the neighbors that are out mowing the grass right now. And that has her scared. Scared enough to beg to have something to cover her pink shirt.

I was happy to give her a long sleeve blue shirt to cover the pink ones and to add the condition that the previously unfilled bra would need to be stuffed with two pairs of panties in each cup. Not my usual size, but she is going outside in the middle of the day.

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ahhh summer school for those that need constant supervision

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