Sissy Winter Carnival

In the month of December, all the cool (or just plain cold) sissies will be attending the Sissy Winter Carnival. In this humiliating event, everyone will be dressed as a diapered sissy, competing in a series of games with a winter theme in order to get the best times (and beat all of the other sissies competing). Winning sissies will get accolades, while most players will get additional diaper punishment and help ring in 2019 as baby new year.

The games at the carnival this will be:

* Rosy Cheeks
* Snowman Arms
* Even Rosier Cheeks
* Checking it Twice
* Oh, The Wetting Outside is Frightful
* Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
* Snowball Roll
* Fig in the Pudding
* Ice Fishing
* Lucky Shot
* Coins for Charity
* Wooly Mammoth Rampage
* Yellow Snowball Fight

And of course, every sissy has to take a turn at the kissing booth before leaving.

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