As Big As Beach Balls

At the beginning of March 2001, The Ladies decided they wanted to know that I would look like with breasts as big as beach balls. They were big enough that as times they had a tendency to pull me over forward and at one point I even needed to hold them up.

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In this case, small beach balls were actually used. This was good, because if they had been made like my standard forms, then I never would have been able to stand.

I love the look, tho’ they seem mighty small yet. May I inquire as to what those bountiful boobies might be made of? I, too love the idea of extreme boobies.

Can i ask what they was filled with??
I’m new to this large breasts thing, only recently bought myself some large bras etc.
To me mine are big but want to go larger when i have got used to the size i’m using now. Not sure if i want to go quite so large as beachballs though.

@Tiffany Topheavy: As Stacee Skye indicated, they were just standard beach balls, filled with air. Usually, I put her in water-balloons though.

Thank you for the quick reply.
I used balloons years ago to fill out bras but not for the oversized look. At the moment i’m trying riced filled stockings, which seems to work ok for shape and weight.
May buy some of the super large fake breasts in a couple of months if i find i really like the oversized look.
I’ve only just started really so wearing and learning as i go although not quite up to the size of some i’ve seen on this site.

@Tiffany_Topheavy: Mistress Amber has this thing about putting clients in huge bras and forms to match. She said she looked at them for me, but could not justify the expense, and didn’t want to see me more comfortable than she already had me. The large balloons are very heavy and she would rather keep me in one place with them.

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