Stacee Skye in Diapers

Two pictures of [Stacee Skye][] diapered. First, in the [layered panty diaper][2] (from Sunday). The one that she dropped a huge load in:

![Panty Diaper](

And then, her baby diaper from Thursday. The one that [leaked all over the place][1]:

![Baby Diaper](

With control like she has, it is no wonder I needed to put her in diapers.

[Stacee Skye]:


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Do you recall why she has a t-shirt under her bra?

Now just a idea to help, next time she drops a load, give her a spanking before the diaper is changed. Then have her hand wash the messy diapers.

Just a thought.

An extra bra was put on the outside so make sure that the forms on top didn’t become a shapeless mass under the loose fitting shirt. It is also the closest I could come to a baby-doll nightie.

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