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I’ve worked up a few letters to get [Stacee Skye][] started in her training this weekend. She will find this one when she gets up in the morning:

Since you haven’t been running your mouth all over my weblog, bitching about your upcoming training, I am assuming that you have no idea that it is coming. And it is starting right now.

This weekend we will be working on requirements training:

* Any statement containing SHALL is an order that you are to obey without question.
* Any statement containing WILL is a statement of fact.

You SHALL wear the red nylon panties to work today instead of your normal underwear.

You WILL be allowed to take cigarette breaks if you wish.

The only permitted cigarette types SHALL be:

* Misty Light 120 (Menthol)
* Capri Light 120 (Menthol)

You SHALL call me three hours before you are to leave work. I WILL give you further instructions.

And the instructions will consist of having her pick up the bag that I have packed in her car for her, to find yet another letter of instruction:

You SHALL not use the bathroom until otherwise instructed.

You SHALL drink 36 oz of liquid before leaving work.

You SHALL dress yourself with all of the items in this bag, including:

* Rubber corset
* A small plug
* Pantyhose
* Panty girdle
* Rubber wrist and ankle cuffs (locked on)
* Clothes pins (2 per nipple)
* Bra

When you arrive home you SHALL put in the breast forms. They WILL be found in the refrigerator.

You SHALL use the clippers (at the lowest setting) to trim your bikini line.

You SHALL wait for me to arrive, or give you further instruction. If you are a good girl–dressing exactly as specified with no other behavior issues–I WILL remove the clothespins and plug when I arrive.

And after she gets the go ahead, she will be taking pictures of herself in all of her bras (and posting them). It doesn’t sound horribly exciting, so I may just leave the instructions of how that pictures should be taken and then finally show up once I see the pictures posted. But the next bit–I wouldn’t miss that humiliation for the world.

[Stacee Skye]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/stacee_skye


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You’re damn right I’d be complaining. You have this grand plan of putting me in diapers to take pictures of all my bras and you don’t even have the decency to show up?

Are you just going to hide out there and make me punish and humilate myself with the threat of further punishment if I don’t? All of this for your amusement?

Yeah, it’s a great plan isn’t it?

Now get on with it or you will wish you had.

She did not sound happy. But I dont think that you, Mistress Amber cares.

I always care about how my clients feel…and sometimes I do want them to get mad, as long as it is for the greater good. I definitely always try to keep Mistress M happy, since she is the one paying the bills.

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