10-10-10 and 20

A few weeks ago, while [Stacee Skye][] was in the process of moving, I showed up for a couple of quick sessions in the evening. Mistress M was out of town and her father was working on her new house, so I didn’t want to keep her too long. The first time I visited she had:

* 10 minutes to put on her bra, panty diaper, cuffs and corset under her work clothes. If she had been just a bit faster she wouldn’t have had to use clothespins on her nipples under her breast forms, but it was not to be.
* 10 minutes to wait outside smoking while she wet her diaper
* 10 minutes, after wetting and soiling her diaper, to get it off and into the washer. She was to pick up each pair of panties that made up her diaper (like 25 or so) using only her mouth and run them down to the basement and drop them in the washer. She only made the first ten before complaining about the bouncing clothespins on her nipples.

She deserved further punishment, but I had another engagement to get to, so one of the time when she was down in the basement, I slipped out the back door. I assumed that she would finish carrying her panties down to the basement as I had directed, but I have it on good authority that she just pick them all up after I left and carried them down all at once. (Note to [Stacee Skye][]: There are windows on you basement. Just because you thought I had left doesn’t mean that I did.)

I just had to return a couple of days later when I found out that not only had [Stacee Skye][] not finished putting her panties in the washer properly, she had also failed to close the lid when she started the washer. So they never spun dry. She did get them spun dry, eventually, but never put them in the dryer. So when I showed up for the exact same session, her diaper was already wet. This was going well until she discovered that her cigarettes were all the way out in the car and I told her that she wold just have to walk out to the driveway as she was and retrieve them. She shit her panties. Literally.

I was so excited that she was learning that when I had her put a diaper on, she was to use it, that I let her go to the bathroom to milk herself. And when she was finished, I left to let her clean up and wash her diaper properly. The whole session took 20 minutes.

[Stacee Skye]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/stacee_skye


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Good point on do the punishment right. Never know what who is watching.
As for still wet panties/diaper, she may be like some of us that like wet and messy clothes. This is not the pee and poo, but more jumping a pool in drag or getting a pie in the face.

pieclown, I don’t think Stacee Skye would like being thrown into a pool fully dressed anymore than she liked being diapered. But, it is not about what she likes, its about what I think she should be doing. And sometimes those two just don’t coincide.

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