Stacee Skye’s Sentencing

In a [comment via Yahoo 360][2], [sissie maid jenna][1] said that [Stacee Skye][] should be required to write “i am a worthless slut” 100 times with perfect handwriting before being allowed to [go to bed][3].

I like the intent of what maid jenna is trying to do, but I think it could be spiced up a little bit. So I came up with this sentence for [Stacee Skye][] to write when this punishment is implemented:

my name is stacee skye, the big titted slut puppy,
a panty wearing bimbo sissy with huge fake breasts who needs to
have her cuffs and collar locked on her to keep her from removing them,
be gagged to prevent her constant back talk,
be corseted to improve her figure,
be forced to wear the highest heels to improve her gait,
be corrected with a wooden paddle to be reminded Mistress is always right,
have clothespins applied to show it can always get worse, and
be trained
as a sissy maid to learn the importance of serving Mistress,
as a pain toy for Mistress’ amusement,
as a pain slut for Mistress’ whipping practice,
as a oral sex slave for Mistress’ pleasure,
to sleep bound so Mistress can sleep as well, and
on occasion,
have a plug shoved up her ass to remind her of her place, or
be diapered to show how bad it could get,
all with the ever-present threat of public humiliation.

I think this might get the point across a little better. Is there anything that I have forgotten?


[Stacee Skye]:


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Such a pretty sentence Ma’am, although this sissy wonders why it doesn’t have anything about sucking cocks.

sissy bra slave, Though being forced to kneel, hands and ankles cuffed and locked together, blindfolded with a posture collar on, forced to service all comers would be a part of your training, it is not a training that Mistress M wishes for Stacee Skye. I can image that you’d be cute with you sissy parts tied up tight, covered with a menthol gel, servicing yet another cock, even though you would have preferred to quit hours ago, and having no idea how many cocks are lined up just for you.

Hello, The only thing that may be added that has been talked about is shaving. I am not talking about her face, but legs. That idea has come up in the past. Then there is shopping trips for female things. This could be anything from make-up to clothes to magazines.

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