Stacy Skye on March 29, 2001

Back when I first started training [Stacee Skye][], she had a very limited selection of clothing–but I did the best I could with what I had to work with. From the looks of it, I must have been training her to be a street walking whore:

![Street Walking Whore](

And just take a gander at those knee-high patent leather platform boots with 6 inch heels. I’ll have to break those out again.

![Knee-High Patent Leather Platform Boots](

And finally, there was position training for being paddled. I’ve never paddled her myself, but I wanted to make sure she had plenty of practice for when Mistress M was ready for her to bend over and take it.

![Paddling Position Practice](

[Stacee Skye]:


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How big a bra do you make her wear? At least she can get accustomed to all the stares at having a huge rack!

I believe that this is a Goddess 52I bra. And if she ever gets accustomed to the stares, then I’ll have her get a bigger one.


That’s huge!

I’ve never had to wear one that big; 42G was the largest, with breast forms. Couldn’t see my toes at all.

You’re right its huge. I have never understood Mistress Amber’s insane fascination with making my breasts bigger and bigger. And after a while they will start to hurt. All that weight is not comfortable. Perhaps she will take you comments to heart and get rid of this silly fascination.

Just a note, largest bra I have ever heard of is a 52N.

pieclown, Where did you find this 52N bra?

It is a Lady Cameo. I bought it from a bra / maternity store. I have tried to find it on the web. This site has it listed as a MM, not not in a 52 band.

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