pieclown: Mid-Assignment Punishment [Results]

So, pieclown finished her punishment, and in record time.

She had clothespegs on her nipples:

a decent set of forms:

and a nice skirt and blouse combination:

When she was tied to the chair:

she did a fair bit of writing:

So the punishment was completed successfully? Absolutely not. I’ll finish grading it in a bit, but I wanted to make sure she had time to defend her work first.


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Hello Mistress and all,

I am not sure what I failed to do. Unless some pictures did not reach you. I did email pictures off the plug in place. Those are the only pictures not displayed.

Oh, no worries, on the plug, I got the picture the first time. I just didn’t feel like posting that one. And it is so good to hear you whine, I rather expected it.

Hi Superior Mistress Amber,

OK, as some may see Superior Mistress Amber is not happy with my effort. My punishment went as ordered, but there is no proof. First, I went down to the basement to be away from housemates. I dressed as required. The clothespins were on, but I did not get them to lay down. The bra made them lay down and twist. (side note: my nibbles hurt for days). I wrote my sentences out. It took about 5 minutes to write/print the 2 sentences. That was over 2 hours with the clamps on. I am glad I use the small plug. Now after I finished the sentences, I released myself and went to the computer. I used my cam for pictures and it went from strapped in to showing clothes and then on down to the nipples. OH DID IT HURT TO TAKE THEM OFF!!!!!! Once all was off I took the picture of the writing.

Now I have to redo it with more proof then what I provided.

pieclown, That sounds like a good summary. If your having trouble getting dressed or taking the pictures, perhaps you should be working upstairs and getting your housemates to help. and if it doesn’t work out this time, you’ll end up with a sentence like Myckie Jo’s.

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