Stacee Skye: Bitch Baby

Here’s a blast from the past: [Stacee Skye][] starring as “Bitch Baby”. She “can’t” remember when she took the picture, but thinks it was sometime between Jan 1996 and Oct 1999. Yeah, way to narrow down the range there. The pictures quality is due to a poor original: she took an out of focus picture of herself in the mirror and then kept in hidden for quite a while–until now.

![Bitch Baby](

Judging by the size, I think she may have had a pillow between her legs as a part of the diaper. Her breasts are duct taped into place. And she has “Bitch” written down one leg and “Baby” up the other. In permanent marker. So what do you think of her get up?

[Stacee Skye]:


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I can not look at this picture with out smiling. The size of the diaper is so comically huge.

I wounder why she did the duct tape for the breast?

She doesn’t know it yet, but there is a punishment planned for early next week. Perhaps I can get her into one that is even larger. (The last attempt was OK, but didn’t end up with the visible size that I was hoping for.)

The duct tape was used because of a lack of rope on her end. The instructions were to bind her breasts, and that was all she could find.

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