Response from missy maid

On Friday afternoon I heard back from missy maid regarding her thoughts on a punishment for pieclown:

missy maid cannot understand why pieclown was so unhappy with missy maid’s questions. her attitude does not make sense to missy maid. miss pieclown probably doesn’t even realize what is wrong. missy maid doesn’t think that any punishment can help pieclown. miss pieclown would just find a way to cheat anyway.

I think all this sounds accurate. Now I just need to come up with something that will make pieclown think about what she did and be able to prove that she fulfilled the punishment.


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Since she was so hip to see my exercise video, maybe you could just have her video tape the whole thing. Not much way you can cheat on that.

OK, Missy Maid, I an not unhappy with your question. If one makes anything, one can know alot about that thing.
Thus I knew about the letters and numbers. The “CAP” letters were not ment to be mean or hurtful.
Just a “Hey, I did it”

miss pieclown probably doesn’t even realize what is wrong.

No, I knew that this punishment would likely fail. The letter O,o and the number 0 look alike in type
oo00OO00. See what I mean. It was looking for Mistress Amber setting me up for more punishment.
II11ii also in written from can be hard to see the difference.

As for me cheating,I have done my best to complete this and other punishments without cheating. But I have things that is going on in my life, just as you do Missy Maid and just as Myckie Jo has. These thing keep us from doing what may be set down or asked of us. Brenda Lee is not longer here, because of things that were going on with her life.

best of luck to you Missy Maid and I do hope you stay around and share what you can and give comment.

pie pie 4 now

    missy maid has not had much time to comment or think about punishment, because last friday when missy maid got home from work, missy maid was blindfolded, gagged and hogtied and put in the back of a car. when missy maid arrived at her destination missy maid was informed by miss yaton that mstr reginald had loaned missy maid to miss yaton for the rest of the weekend and missy maid was not expected back by mstr reginald until after work on monday night.

    missy maid spent three humiliating nights serving miss yaton and all of miss yaton’s friends. on monday night, after work, miss yaton had her friends back over and missy maid was tied up and gagged and given 1000 licks with miss yaton’s favorite paddle. missy maid then had to pleasure miss yaton and all of miss yaton’s friends before being returned to mstr reginald.

    missy maid has been unable to sit and called in sick to work. missy maid cannot bear to face miss yaton and all miss yatons co-workers, especially after how missy maid was forced to dress for work on monday. missy maid blames this past weekend on pieclown, because miss yaton was called when missy maid could not identify the letters by miss pieclown. missy maid wants to see miss pieclown humiliated like missy maid was.

      1000 swats with a paddle no wonder you cant sit down. What did Miss Yaton have you wear to wear to work??

        for work on monday, missy maid was dressed in a diaper, pantyhose, corset and bra (all in black). the cups of the bra were lined with sandpaper. missy maid had ankle cuffs locked on to jingle and make sure missy maid would not try to escape. miss yaton also put bottle caps in the feet of missy maids panty hose to make sure missy maid would not try to run away. to cover all of this missy maid was given a pair of light pants and a white polo shirt. underneath everything missy maid was filled with a large plug.

        missy maid was taken to work tied up in miss yaton’s trunk. missy maid then had to kneel in front of miss yaton in the parking lot so she could take off missy maid’s collar and gag. missy maid then had to keep kneeling in the parking lot for 2 more minutes until missy maid was allowed to remove the blindfold and go to work.

          Sand paper, bottle caps, and large plug. I see you were very uncomfortable. The caps must have made it hard to walk. I sure the sand paper left you red and raw. Did you have forms with these?

          You seem to be riding in trunks a lot.

          Thank you for sharing

            missy maid is very happy that miss yaton has not decided to use forms when sent to work. missy maid does not believe she could go into work dressed as the bimbo that miss yaton desires her to be at miss yaton’s house.

            miss yaton continues to tie up and transport missy maid in the back of her car. miss yaton does not want to raise any suspicions. miss yaton does not worry about missy maid looking suspicious after she has left miss yaton’s car. miss yaton says missy maid is a big girl and missy maid must be able to look after missy maid.

              Hi MM,
              Thanks for the sharing. And good to hear from you once and a while. Although, I should be careful. Mistress A. said you have much more punishment for me, then she would allow.

              300 minute aka 6 hours on my knees. That is a long time. One I know I could not do.

    A zero has a slash in it–the letter oh does not. A number one has a top that looks like a number seven (only slanted down at an angle) and the letter eye does not. This is the research that should have been done before the assignment, not while whining afterward.

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