Pansy Faggote Cleans the Kitchen

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by sissy_pansy.

sissy pansy 1218 outfit 2c   The next time my kitchen needs cleaning, I am going to call on this sissy. He even has a yahoo group dedicated to his total humiliation.


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This is an awesome outfit.

I love her blog, it makes this sissy sooo jealous.
I just couldn’t picture taking it as truely far as her and Jason blunt have, though it IS a masturbation fantasy.

thank you sissy misty for making a comment about this sissy’s blog. This sissy thinks it attempted to become a member of this site a while ago, however this sissy’s yahoo address seems to get deleted about 2wice a month

sissy pansy was one of the best “sissy faggot” on flick

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