Farewell to Arms

If you have problems with your sissy putting her hands right in front of the paddle and don’t want to bother with hold them away yourself, you can try this little trick: take an extra pair of ankle cuffs and put on on each arm, just above the elbow. Clip each wrist to the opposite elbow, and she won’t try to block anything. She won’t even be able to push herself up off the couch you bent her over.


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It seems to me this is an excellent way to prevent interference, much like a U-sleeve for the sissy, i also feel that single arm sleeves could be used with much efficiency on sissies also

Hello sissybabyjamie. We have never talked. Welcome. Isn’t it great had such an innocent comment can get you in a pickle. It should be fun in solving your dilemna. I am sure Mistress Amber will prod you on your way to a solution.

The easy road is not to comment, but so less challenging. I have seem to got into many many pickles, but the training is in solving the dilema.

sissy billy

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