little sissy maid claire’s daily chore

This image was originally uploaded to Flickr by sissy maid claire.

little sissy maid claire's daily chore   I need to get me a pretty maid like this to clean the toilets around the office. It might even boost the morale around here.


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i`d be honoured to be the maid you had to clean the toilets around the office

I would be honored to have some one train me and have some one let me clean for them and what ever else they desire

@sissy amy: If you think you are sissy enough, you could always try to join The Institute.

If I was going to put someone in a maid uniform I think I would make them rake leaves in the front yard where everyone could see instead.

@Miss Mama: Do you have a sissy maid you can put out to raking?

i know a maid that been cleaning the front dorr brass’s in uniform (did i blush) Maa,m

@sissy poppy : I’ve seen plenty of pictures of you, but none where you are on the stoop cleaning off the door knobs. Why not?

Oh she is so lucky! You don’t how much worse it can be than.
as a sissy who’s cleaned a few toliets, brushs were a rare gift given to me though truthfully if i wasn’t such a submissive little thing, i wouldn’t of done it.
I’ve licked a few toliets clean on nothing more than vague orders from other online freinds who ‘know’ about my fetish.

I am definately sissy enough and would love to be made to cleantoilets and anything for a Mistress.

I make my Sissy maid husband clean the toilets here at home, perhaps I could loan him to you for a couple days of chores.

    That would certainly be appreciated. I hope he is better trained than many that come through here—most couldn’t get past the simple things long enough to be able to clean the toilets and I imagine many would be tied across the desk in the office waiting for a paddling, after being sent to the store in full big-titted maid regalia.

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