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IMG_2058_resize   Stacy looks a bit angry in this picture–but maybe it is just the huge ball gag that’s been strapped in her mouth. It’s certainly not the beautiful corset that she has on. Or the bright white rope. Or maybe there is something under her panties we just can’t see.


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I bet she has a big plug in to add to her discomfort. She doesnt look too happy not that she has any say in the matter.

@Sissysarah: Or maybe trying to have a say in the matter is what got her gagged in the first place.

Opening ones mouth around her can get it gagged for sure.

Hahaha, cool Mistress A is quoting the 3 Stooges, and yes I do. I even have the pictures to prove it. Hotdogs, golf balls, and knotted neckerchief haev been use on my over use of the English language.

I like the gag in this one. It’s big red and I bet she is very uncomfortable. I also love how they color cordinate the gag with the coset. I’m not big on the white rope. It doesn’t look very sturdy.

@Miss Mama: I can assure you that the white rope is sturdy enough, though I agree that heavy chains do look much more sturdy.

I wish to be punished in this way

sissy alison

i really really like this picture and want to do the same :)

I respectfully ask that you do arrange this assignment for me Mistress Katzenburg, with any additional feature you can think off too! he he can’t wait!

Well I think Stacy looks lovely. So there!

I adore this picture, it is a pose or position that many sissies such as us desire to be placed in, totally at the mercy of our superiors, to be used as they wish. Leg spreaders and a large vibrating butt plug would be a wonderful addition to this scene dont you think?


yes Mistress Katzenburg thank you. xxx

allaways t pleasure to see a sissy in distress ..and imagine you take her place..

i just being ridiculous like that…
my respects Mistress

Hi sissyraymonde,

Can you tell me, why i can’t see your pictures on flickr?

Greetings melissa

sissyraymonde :
that’s me in my fantasy being a ponygirl …

Hi melissa
i don’t know ..
if you are on flick.. be my friend .. and you see more
sissy raymonde

Sissyraymonde, I can not see them either as I do not have an account. Post them here.

Butt I want to see the pictures Now…

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