pieclown: Potty Mouth – Cleaned Up – II

2nd Round

My most resent
has me paying for not doing all my [treatments](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/01/pieclownatonement_bra_show). I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done.

This photo is from Friday.


This photo is from Saturday. Mistress Amber said in a recent conversation, that I should do a photo in a sexy way. So I snapped one normal photo and a little sexier.


I was back to shaving my bikini. The good thing about this day was I did not have to spend time doing a trim job.


I put on my diaper next. Now my diaper is one of the reasons I did not do the punishment on Friday. I had cut myself in shaving trimming causing my diaper to have blood stains. I thought I had waited enough time before placing my diaper on, over the cuts. I was wrong. I washed out the diaper and left it to dry. The diaper was still wet Friday night and I could not find a good replacement.


I then placed clothespins on my nipples. You can’t see me, but you can see my bra strap lines.


My bright red bra and large red water balloon forms were place over the clothespins. This is the second time that the water balloons did not break.


I then practiced my oral technique on my largest butt plug. Yes for 10 minutes, I treated this thing, which had been in my rear end, as an ice cream cone.


This is the hard part. I had to put this plug in my mouth and keep it there. I hurried my best to write 2 copies of my sentence from my [profile](http://institute.cdpunishment.com/profiles/pieclown).


Two copies are done. I need to write 3 more copies, but the plug gag is replaced with a bar of soap.


Again, I would like to apologize to the Ladies, clients, and any other reader for my handwriting. It is bad, but when I rushed to get it done, it becomes worse.

My writing was done for the night. I had to return to the butt plug for more training.


I was next allowed “remove the clothespins, if you wish”. I was not as bad as the day before, but it still hurt. You can see that my nipples are scrunched up from wearing the clothespins.


I was off to bed next, still in my diaper. It stayed on until the next morning.



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If you think “I am to wear panties and a bra, every day until I get this done.” is a true and complete statement, you should re-read your punishment.

@Amber Shummer

Hello, I have re-read the punishment. It does say

” Until the final portion of this punishment is completed, unless otherwise instructed, you are to wear panties and a bra. On Monday (March 2nd), pantyhose are also to be worn at all times. On Wednesday (March 4th), a corset or girdle it to be added. I would suggest getting done before Friday the 6th”

But it also says

” And if you start tomorrow, you won’t have to start adding clothes on Monday.”

Now you have the right to change this, and it only says Monday and not Wednesday. So I will look to see what you have to for me.

Thank you.

@pieclown: You wouldn’t have had to start adding clothes on Monday–because you would have already been done! But, you’re not.

@Amber Shummer
Oh, so I am in trouble for not wearing pantyhose yesterday and today. Well I have a few hours for the day, and tomorrow. That means I will need hose and girdle. OK, I will get dressed.

@Amber Shummer
Oh RATS, I just thought, “You must have been dressed during the entire day in order to do this punishment at night.” This means the one I did Monday and the one I was planning to do tonight, would not count. Mistress Amber, I am sending you an email about why I could not do it Wednesday, meaning I would have to do it Thursday and Friday night. And you have said “I would suggest getting done before Friday the 6th.” Is there some way to make Monday and tonight count? PLEASE.

@pieclown: I will allow both of them to count if both are posts in a publishable form before I get to the office in the morning. I will upload any pictures first and then hit the publish button.

If both are not ready, neither one will count. On Friday the daily dressing gets more difficult. I didn’t assign any clothing because I thought you will be done on time. If it will be required, I will make that post in the morning.

I wish to say thank you.

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