Avoiding Humiliation

sissy billy [commented that][1]

> I lack the courage to expose myself to my doctor. I just would be so humiliated. I am such a sissy baby and you are right that I would pick the punishment in private. I will send you pictures of what a sissy baby will endure instead of humiliating herself in front of her Doctor.

So she is working though her punishment prior to actually shaving. In addition to this, she has a few other events coming up that she will be attending as a diapered sissy *after* she’s shaved:

* Two days of playing golf (May 9 and 10)
* One time at church (May 9)
* One nice dinner with her Mom (May 10)
* One wedding (May 15)

I just wonder what these people would think if they knew there was a sissy baby among them.

[1]: http://institute.cdpunishment.com/2009/05/a_very_smooth_move#comment-2407


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Oh my Goodness Mistress Amber. I was so worried about what my Doctor would think or say that I did not think about my personal social life. I also just realized that everyone is reading my comments and it is humiliating that everyone sees how big a sissy coward I am. I imagine everyone will be looking forward to seeing how humiliating this will be for me and whether it was a poor choice. Going to Church and Dinner will be fairly easy as I can hold it for that time frame. Golf will be more difficult as I wear shorts and golf shirt and it will be difficult to hide a diaper as well as my smoothly shaved arms and legs. I do not know how to handle the wedding though. The wedding ceremony is at 3:00 PM and the reception goes from 6:00 till 12:00 and my friends and I all like to drink which means going to the bathroom a lot. What will be even more difficult is that my friends wives and several of the single ladies all insist on dragging me the the dance floor (I really don’t like to dance, but they drag me onto the dance floor anyway) and dancing in a diaper will be difficult. I do have a question to ask. I have read and undertstand the punishment for delaying my body shaving, but is there any special dispensation for attending a wedding? Do I have to wet my diaper and wear it for 30 minutes before I can finally sneak off to the car, get a diaper and sneak to the bathroom to change it. I know I should not ask this and it probably will get me in more trouble, but I had to ask. sissy billy

Billy, You must understand that nothing we can present to our doctors will make them break with the Doctor-client confidentiality clause. They may be surprised, but they will always stay ultimately professional. This is not a choice. Imagine the lawsuits that would ensue if the clause were broken. you can be assured none of what you show will leak out.

sissy billy,
i went to see my Doctor with my entire body shaved. He gave me a quick look but went about his business without saying anything. You shouldn’t be embarrased to see your Doctor.

Hello sissybabyjamie and sissy will. I do appreciate the comments and the advice, but all of us our different. My sissy life have always been well concealed and exposure and the humiliation of it even to my doctor who I agree would keep a secret would be extremely embarrassing of me. We all are different and have different attitudes towards life. My fantasies revolve around humiliation and exposure and are both my ultimate thrill and greatest fear. I do thank you though for your advice and thoughts. sissy billy

I’;ve often thought about going to the doctor in a diaper, since i mostly go over to the walk in clinic, band the chances of getting the same doctor are slim to none, but if it did happen, i wouldn’t want to have to explain why i’m not diapered a second time, which would turn into me be diapered everytime i went over there.

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