Independence Celebration

In the spirit of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, the following assignments are made:

**Red, White and Blue**
[Pieclown][] is to get dressed up nicely, in tight fitting white clothing. She will then pop her left breast form to show it was filled with a red liquid. She will smash a white whipped cream pie in her face. She will pop her left breast form to should it was filled with blue liquid. As a reminder that freedom isn’t free, she will be tightly packaged below the waist. Her packaging will remain in place from the time her assignment is begins until the post of the results is finished.

**Liberty in Diapers**
sissy billy is to get dressed up in her most padded diaper, biggest breast forms and a full regalia of cuffs, then do her best impression of [Lady Liberty][2]. There will be a quart of ice water poured down the front of her diaper once it is put on. She will stay completely dressed until her post is finished.

Note: If she can’t manage to get it stuffed well enough, then I will recommend to Mistress Rosemarie that she get a [spreading core diaper][1]. Having padding 16 inches wide between her legs would be a good reminder of what a sissy baby she is.



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Dear Mistress Amber,

I have read and understand your instructions for this assignment. I hope what I have for tight white clothing will please you.

Pie pie 4 now
Happy Independence Day to ALL

Happy 4th of July Mistress Amber.

I accept my dressing assignment in honor of the 4th of July and Lady Liberty. I will try to do my best impression of Lady Liberty. I have visited the spreading core diaper site and hope that I can impress you with my posting so that You and Mistress Rosemarie do not feel that you have to order me a spreading core diaper.

I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July

“She will then pop her left breast form to show it was filled with a red liquid…. She will pop her left breast form to should it was filled with blue liquid.”

I did not see this at first. I am sure that Mistress Amber want to say the right was to be blue. As I have done.

Happy Holiday to everyone and particularly to Mistress Amber who must put up with sissy billy. sissy billy did not read her assignment until this afternoon and then we went out to a barbeque to celebrate the fourth. She is wearing her thong and was squirming all day in the very lacy thong I asked her to wear. It is late and she wanted to put her assignment off till tomorrow. I told her she would have to date and time her post and she thought better of it and is upstairs trying to come up with a suitable costume. I think she is in a lot of trouble.

sissy billy – since you seem to have a lot of trouble pleasing Mistress Amber, I think I will go on line and order the spreading core diaper now. Even if she manages somehow to please you Mistress Amber, which I doubt, I am sure you will have a good reason for her to use it in the future.

@Mistress Rosemarie: If you haven’t picked one out yet, and still plan to do so, you might as well go for the gusto and the 16 spread. I think this might help with sissy billy’s slut training too—she doesn’t seem very eager no to spread her legs for anything or anybody.

Please Mistress Amber. I had two extra exorbant diapers and one form fitting diaper between my legs and I only leaked just a little down my leg.

Please Mistress Rosemarie. I can hardly waddle like Mistress Amber likes with all the stuffing I have in my diaper now. Please don’t get me an even more stuffed diaper super big diaper. I will not be able to even walk and will have to crawl like a sissy baby again even without my locked ankle cuffs.

I tried so hard and I thought I had done really good.

Mistress Amber – I totally agree with you and last night I ordered the spreading core diaper for sissy billy. I took one look at her in her outfit and knew that additional sissy diaper training was required. I did order the largest 16 spread as she needs lots of help in her training. I suggested many training activities for her. Tears came to her eyes when I told her that I would recommend entire weekend training and overnight activities in addition to enemas which you have been so kind to not subject her to. Of course you do know best how to proceed with her training. I will support whatever training activities you deem necessary and will make sure she follows it.

@Mistress Amber – aside from her meager attempt at honoring Lady Liberty, sissy billy is becoming very “needy” again if you know what I mean. She has asked me to help her in talking to you about this, but I told her if it did not benefit me, she would have to talk to you directly and make a formal “wish”. She is terrified of the consequences, so I think she will not make a wish for at least another few weeks until she becomes desperate. I love it.

@sissy billy – when the new super diaper comes – please model it for Mistress Amber and send pictures. She will decide how to deal with you. Also – I ordered something else special for you which should come this week. When you get it I want you to model it and send it immediately to Mistress Amber. It should help Mistress Amber in you “Slut” Training.

This is your fault that you did not do a better job and Mistress Amber will determine you consequences.

Have fun Mistress Amber (at sissy billy’s expense)

@Mistress Rosemarie: Thanks for taking the initiative to help sissy billy spread her legs.

@sissy billy: Since you don’t have much of an idea about this spreading diaper, you will make a facsimile over your regular diaper before you go to sleep for the night. After putting on the regular diaper, stick two pillows from your bed between your legs before pulling the cover over them. You are to put on this diaper ASAP and make a post of the pictures. You can take it off in the morning.

Yes Mistress Amber. I will put my diaper on and the two pillows and 4XL diaper cover before I go to bed and I will take pictures and post them before I go to bed. I assume ASAP means before I go to bed and not now while I go to eat on the back porch. I am sorry that I do not know what a spreading core diaper is. I looked quickly yestarday and I knew it I would not like it. Mistress Rosemarie told me she would order it and I would have to deal with it when it came and you directed me to use it. This is sooner to deal with it then I expected.

@sissy billy: No definition of ASAP that I have ever seen has ever included the phrase “after I go to dinner”. As soon as possible means NOW.

So, now, in addition you are to add your super-stuffed bra to the mix. And you will include a picture of you dressed on your deck (that you were so happy to escape to. And you will repeat everything again tomorrow night.

Any other questions about what ASAP means, or does Mistress Rosemarie need to breakout her old sorority paddle and show you that yes, she does know how to use it?

@Amber Shummer

Yes Mistress Amber: I am so sorry. You said before I went to bed. I am so sorry. I did not know you meant immediately. I do know what ASAP means. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I will do what you say immediately. I am so sorry. I thought I was doing good this weekend. I did not know that I would be punished so much for not knowing what a spreading core diaper was. I am so sorry. I will put on my diaper immediately and put the two pillows between my legs and pull up my 4XL diaper cover and put on my big girls big bra and stuff it.

If you are still on line. Can I at least wait until dark and then take the picture on the porch so no one will see see. Please Please

Please don’t ask Mistress Rosemarie to take out her old Sorority Paddle. Please

@Mistress Rosemarie – Please give me a second chance and please do not take out your sorority paddle. Please

Please sissy billy

You are not being punished for not knowing what a spreading core diaper is. You are being punished for (1) whining “Please don’t get me an even more stuffed diaper super big diaper” and (2) assuming “ASAP means…not now”.

If you keep whining, maybe Mistress Rosemarie will bend you over the deck railing for a paddling—I will leave it to her discretion.

I am sorry Mistress Amber. I reconsidered waiting until dark to go out on the porch. It is already late here, so the pictures look dark, but it is still visible. I face a few other houses. I confess that I did wait until people went in their house, but I did take pictures on the porch. I will post the punishment now. I did put two pillows between my legs and they are spread. I am sorry for whining Mistress Amber and I certainly do not want Mistress Rosemarie to have to bend me over the railing and paddle me, even at night when no one is out. I am sorry Mistress Amber. sissy billy

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